Amplify the conversations you have with your customers through Twitter.
As business owners, we all know the importance of engaging with our customers – both current and potential. Networking, Networking, Networking! It’s the one fundamental lesson every business owner is taught from the day you open shop. And it’s a skill that needs to be continuously improved and revived as you go, because unfortunately, like most communication models, it’s not future-proof.
With almost everyone on the planet  moving onto social media as a platform for social networking, it may be time to brush up on those networking skills – online.

So where to start? All networking starts with the basics, small talk – 140 characters to be precise. Twitter.
Every week billions of tweets are chirping through twitter, reaching over 140 million engaged users. Across every topic you could possibly think of, people are networking faster than ever before – identifying who their target market is – interacting and building their professional network and customer base.
A great way to start for all you newbies is via follow. Following like minded people on twitter, who have similar interests will give you an insight into categories, topics and trends relating around your business.
Listen in on the conversation, give yourself an understanding of the language used by your market online – identify your customers, and engage.