We all value our reputation and for the most part, we are able to control the way how other people see us in the physical world. Our digital reputation is a totally different matter.

Image credit: Free Digital Photos user adamr

Image credit: Free Digital Photos user adamr

According to an article featured on PC Advisor, managing our digital identity can be tricky, as everything we do on the internet is recorded and stored away.Understanding how to control all the available digital information about us is crucial.

The internet never forgets. Each deleted like, comment or photo leaves a trail that can always lead back to us.

Living in a digital age means that all we share and experience never truly goes away. The most basic search tools enable people to find any available information about anyone. Our thoughts and beliefs are now matters of public record.

The first thing you need to do when trying to shape and manage your internet identity is Google yourself. If the results are links to your social media profiles and a couple of photos, you have nothing to worry about.

However, Simon Wadsworth, an Online Reputation Management consultant for Igniyte, a company specializing in helping people fix their digital profiles, says that many people have had problems with the way the internet represents them to the world.

According to him, cases of unfortunately written summaries and mistaken identities are becoming quite common. Even people who want to escape from their past find it difficult to do so. When it comes to the Internet, the past can truly haunt you.

The good news is that you can hire a company to deal with these issues. The bad news is that their services aren’t cheap. Taking on a company that has your information can mean a long, drawn-out affair while your information still remains available online.

If you want to take control of your online reputation, the first thing you need to do is take control of the first page on Google and learn how to delete the browsing history in Chrome.

Once you’ve dealt with the past activities, you can turn to the future and mold your online life. Carefully read all terms of agreement, privacy settings and choose the options that best suit you.

You can create all-star profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter as well as all other sites that are recognized as top significant sites online, thus promoting your professional personality or business.

Post things that represent you in a good light and find out how you can protect your identity on Facebook and other popular social media.

If you want to remove yourself completely from the internet and leave nothing behind, you will have to contact each page directly and ask them to respect your right to be forgotten. If they are not willing to assist you, the best thing on the web is AccountKiller.com where you will find detailed instructions on how to deactivate and remove your Facebook, Twitter and so on.