There are many things we take for granted. We go through daily motions not really appreciating the little things, or in this case the brighter things.

I was driving to work, on a typical grey Melbourne day. The clouds were a thick grey, which in turned painted a gloomy grey light on the trees, the grass, the road, and all the cars around me. I was even looking a shade of grey. My outfit consisted mostly of grey, black and white.

Looking into my rearview mirror, I began to worry that I might have been stuck in a black and white film. Until a huge, clunky, truck passed me in the fast lane. Filled with an entire carriage of unsecured, uncovered, oranges. With every bump, a splash of colour was whizzing by me as the oranges would spill over the truck. It was amazing how much a little splash of colour can enhance your sensory organs, in this case, vision, but also taste.  I’ve never felt like an orange more than I did yesterday.