Ryan Holmes, CEO of HootSuite, announced the acquisition of social analytics leader and innovator uberVU on Wednesday, wholeheartedly welcoming the company’s talent and best-in-class technology to the ever-growing HootSuite family.

Image credit: HootSuit blog

Image credit: HootSuit blog

According to the update on HootSuite’s official blog, uberVU has managed to amass a striking user base of over 200 customers, including Fujitsu, S.C. Johnson, and NBC, all thanks to its next-generation social analytics solution that turns data from social networks, blogs or forums into actionable business insights.

uberVU provides businesses with all the necessary tools that are required to better understand their social audience by identification of top influences on certain relevant topics, detection of real-time spikes in engagement and by highlighting important mentions.

Identifying trending stories and relevant content to post directly to social media accounts is another opportunity offered by the powerful content marketing tool. Customers can create custom reports by using templates and drag-and-drop layouts to track results.

HootSuite’s CEO further reveals that the company plans on integrating uberVU’s technology and expertise with the HootSuite experience which will give users an opportunity to make informed decisions across all social media activities.

According to HootSuite’s CEO, the acquisition is a direct response to feedback from HootSuite customers.

“By bringing uberVU on board, HootSuite is adding powerful analytics capabilities to our battle-tested engagement platform,” writes Holmes.

For more information about the partnership, customers of uberVU and HootSuite are encouraged to contact their Account Manager.

If you want to learn more about HootSuite’s approach to social intelligence, the company invites you to register for a webinar, Social Media Intelligence: Turn Insight Into Action, featuring industry experts from HootSuite, uberVU and Forrester Research, scheduled for February 12th, 2014.