Andon has welcomed SAI Global as its new advertising partner this year.

A global leader in providing information services and solutions for managing risk, achieving compliance and driving business improvement, SAI Global has decided to advertise through Andon’s dynamic digital network in order to promote its services to a targeted audience composed of business owners, supply chain members and key industry people.

Image: The ISO 9001 Quality RED logo

Image: The ISO 9001 Quality RED logo

The ads, which appear in Australia’s leading publication for the manufacturing sector, Australian Manufacturing, will feature SAI Global’s online training on quality management systems.

Andon managing director, Toni Andonovski, is excited about working with SAI Global in 2014.

“Traditional business services need to adapt to new technologies. SAI Global, a company which is globally acclaimed for its services in the business sector, understands the importance of innovation and technology. What was once only available in traditional training environments, such as the Auditing Quality Management Systems training, can now be taught online. ”

“The same can be said for advertising, traditional marketing and advertising just can’t cut it in today’s digital landscape. With online, customers like SAI Global can have clear insight into each campaign, identifying what works, and what doesn’t,” Mr Andonovski added.

Tailored around SAI Globals marketing requirements, the integrated campaign will focus on display advertising, email marketing and social media.