Google has presented Chromebox for meetings, a combination of Google+ Hangouts and Google Apps, which enables any company to have efficient, high-definition video meetings.

Google Chromebox Image credit: flickr User: davidnicholson1978

Google Chromebox Image credit: flickr User: davidnicholson1978

According to the blog post by Google, Chromebox for meetings comes with a super-fast Intel Core i7-based Chromebox, HD camera, microphone and speaker unit and a remote control. The set- up is easy and management is even easier as one can manage all meeting rooms from a web-based management console. All you need is a display.

Conducting meetings is a breeze with the new Chromebox, as all it takes is a press of a button and you’re plugged in. No more passwords, PINs or dial-in codes; no more cables and adaptors. You can now share your laptop screen wirelessly and integrate with Google Apps to use Google Calendar to add rooms and invite others to the video meeting.

Up to 15 other participants can join in a video meeting by using their conference room, laptop, tablet or smartphone. If you need to add someone who doesn’t use a Chromebox, do not fret, as all he or she has to have is a Gmail account.

Vidyo allows you to connect to rooms that have traditional video conferencing systems and UberConference enables phone-loving participants to join the meeting with a conference call.

“Chromebox for meetings is available in the U.S. today starting at $999, which includes the ASUS Chromebox and everything you need to get going. That means for the same price that companies have typically paid for one meeting room, they’ll be able to outfit 10 rooms—or more. CDW and SYNNEX will help bring Chromebox for meetings to customers and resellers, and Chromeboxes from HP and Dell will be available for meetings in the coming months. Later this year, we plan to launch in Australia, Canada, France, Japan, New Zealand, Spain and the U.K,” it says in the post by Caesar Sengupta, VP, Product Management.

Eventbrite, Gilt, oDesk and Woolworths have tested Chromebox for meetings, and have pinpointed the simple setup, the ease of use, and the ability to communicate with colleagues that have not left their offices as top benefits. Further, the low price will enable them to extend these benefits to even more employees, rooms and offices.

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