Consumer brand company Mark One has launched Vessyl — a 13-ounce intelligent cup that detects beverages it contains, displays nutritional content and syncs drinking habits to smart phones — and is currently available to pre-order for $99.

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“With Vessyl, we’re solving the other half of the tracking equation. There are plenty of devices that track activity, but Vessyl is the first ever consumer product to automatically track your consumption in real time. Beverages are a major source of unnoticed calories, and Vessyl gives you the tools to easily know why you’re drinking and motivated you to make healthier choices,” said Justin Lee, Co-founder and CEO of Mark One.

“Mark One developed a sensor that could instantly analyze the nutritional content of what’s inside a beverage . . . on a molecular level.”

Better than any tracking devices out there, Vessyl detects key health information relating to hydration, which includes beverage type, caloric make-up and quantity. Mark One introduces the “Pryme”, which is the measurement of hydration. Pryme “estimates consumer’s hydration needs to insure best performance.”

All information gathered by Vessyl automatically syncs to the Vessyl app for iOS and Android phones via Bluetooth, organised and recorded the best way to track hydration throughout the day.

Also, the cup features wireless charging. According to Lee, a 60-minute charge provides a week of power.

Vessyl will be available in early 2015, which will retail for $199. Make One offers a discounted price of $99 for pre-orders.

Watch the video to see Vessyl in action here.