After making Office apps available to iPad, Microsoft strikes again by partnering with the government of Queensland, the second-largest state in Australia, which will eventually bring Office 365 to 149,000 government employees.

Microsoft stated on their official blog that this partnership is a “major step in the state’s Information and Communications Technologies strategy to transform digital services, take a positive step toward the standardization and simplification of ICT across government and enable new forms of knowledge sharing, collaboration and interconnectivity . . . . Queensland’s use of Office 365 for messaging and email, and the enterprise social network Yammer, will help government employees communicate and collaborate in a more seamless fashion.”

“It is also a significant step forward in our plan to modernize the government ICT environment and move toward the vision of ICT as a service,” said the Hon. Ian Walker MP, Minister for Science, Information Technology, Innovation and the Arts. “It sees us move from a government owned and operated model to one that leverages world class solutions to deliver flexibility and economies of scale that drive innovation and transformation.”

Microsoft sees the partnership as a step that is more beneficial to the Queensland Government. The partnership promises an always up-to-date IT services and access to the best and latest cloud technologies provided by Microsoft. According to Microsoft, this will “drive improvements to the Queensland government’s digital environment and provide greater capabilities for the government to engage with Queenslanders in new and innovative channels so it can provide services to its constituents more effectively.”

“This new partnership with the Queensland Government has the potential to transform the state’s digital ecosystem through local industry participation and enable the government to become a leader in the innovation space,” said Microsoft.


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