Teenagers Australia aged 14-17 are going online anywhere and anyway they can. You may see their noses stuck to their phones all day but data compiled by the Australian Communications and Media Authority show what teens are are up to online.


Teens who are connected to the internet through their smartphones and other gadgets spend an average of 14 hours and 42 minutes online a month, research from the communications watchdog says. Nearly 100% of these teens have unlimited access to internet connection at home, 74% use a desktop or a laptop, 23% use tablets, and 69% make use of smartphones.

Further research shows internet usage amongst teenagers has almost doubled since 2009. Some of the top reasons for going online are for purposes of entertainment, communication, research, social media, blogging with some teens even doing some banking and finance.

Aussie teens spend most of their time on youtube, with an average of three hours and four minutes a day. followed by Facebook which has an average of two hours and twenty seven minutes. Tumblr had the youngest profile of users, with only 8%. And while majority have accounts for Twitter and Pinterest ,only 3% of these users are active.

The report also found a drop in the use of the king of social networks, Facebook, amongst Australian teens.

ACMA says one thing’s certain: as children age, the internet becomes an increasingly integral part of their lives, whether it’s for social interaction or education.



Information and statistics taken from the ACMA Official Website