With a little help from Instagram, Reelagram is bringing View Master back in a fresh and modern way — giving those who grew up in the analog era relive memories of favourite characters and scenes from books, TV shows and movies.


Image credit: Reelagram.com

You might remember the View Master that was introduced in late 30’s and has become a popular toy for children from back in the day. The device consists of a line of special-format stereoscopes and corresponding “reels” containing seven stereoscopic 3D pairs of small colour photographs on film.

Darren Marshall — the brain behind Reelagram — is the designer and co-founder of Doejo, a digital agency based in Chicago who were looking for innovative ways to demonstrate their Instagram portfolio; this is where the view-master stepped in and Reelagram was born.

“We hope to create some permanence, by marrying the digital and analog worlds in a fun and nostalgic way, with Reelagram,” it says in its website.

Making your own reel is simple. Sign in with your Instagram account, and select up to 7 of your favourite photos from your feed. There are 14 slides on the reel. For proper viewing, each photo needs to be represented twice, for both eyes. After submitting your choices, Reelagram will do the rest.

The reels retail at $19.95 without a viewer; and $29.95 if you want an additional viewer. The viewers come in red, black, white and blue. To purchase a reel, with or without a viewer, you can visit Reelagram.com.

[Article submitted by: Nikki Ballesteros]