With tech companies like LG, Samsung and even sports brands like Nike participating in theĀ  smartwatch trend, it comes as a surprise that Timex, a long established company who are known for making actual watches now join the roster with the new Ironman One GPS+.

What makes this watch stand out from the rest is it does not need a smartphone to fulfill it’s functions, allowing people to participate even in the most hard core workouts without having to bringing anything at all while being connected to family and peers at the same time.

The Ironman One’s features include speed, distance and pace tracking in real time, and is sharable to certain networks. The wireless connectivity also enables users to send messages and emails if needed. It is also waterproof with a limit of 50 meters, making it fit for swimming and other popular watersports. It’s Qualcomm Mirasol display makes it visible in direct sunlight compared to LCD screens of most smartphones. It has 4GB of storage for music files and is compatible with any bluetooth headsets, allowing easy listening without the use of earphones providing a smooth and more convenient way to get fit, no matter the sport.

The watch is now available for pre-order in the Timex website and is expected to hit the AT&T shops this fall.