— the high-ranking dating website for seniors over 60 years old — is
glorious in keeping their 2nd successful year assisting single seniors search for their
significant other.

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Countless dating websites have been circulating over the internet for the last couple of years. However, the number of single men and women over 60 holds just a small fraction of dating websites’ population.

This is where jumps in. Successfully operating and garnered a large market worldwide catering both local and international since 2013, claims they are the best dating website for seniors.

Their press release has emphasised one of the key advantages of using the platform. According to them, their website is “immensely easy to use on a day to day basis and also is the best online dating website which enables senior people to find their dream lovers and partners in a short period of time.”

The free online dating platform is exclusively dedicated for senior people of all ages over 60 and offers the most desirable results and only requires encoding one’s gender, age, country and state.

Encouraging over 60 years old single seniors, the website has featured a wide scope of touching and beautiful success stories to relieving loneliness by using the online platform.

Image credit: Flickr, user: Garry Knight