Facebook is coming up with a plan to clean up their mishaps regarding their privacy settings. In the next few days, all Facebook users must expect a multi step privacy check-up. 


Photo taken from Josh Constine at TechCrunch

It seems like there is no escaping this new feature, because skipping it will only redirect you back to the same pop up every time a user logs in.

For now, the new check-up procedure will be available in a few days, but only for web. A mobile version will be well on its way in the next couple of weeks.

Facebook’s confusing privacy format has made it easy for users to accidentally set their share settings to public, which could lead to negative impressions for potential employers and family members, as well as giving easy access to stalkers and cyber bullies.

The check-up will fix all those issues by clarifying which particular users or groups each individual share their statuses and posts with, which apps they’ve given permission and how much of your personal information the apps can access. The check-up will also show how a user profile is viewed by others and finally, each user will be encouraged to update the visibility of their current city, education and work history. The mascot for this check-up is an animated blue dinosaur.

This is done to give users confidence that their privacy is being considered and valued, encouraging users to post more frequently and for Facebook to gain back their users’ trust after a few privacy and ad targeting issues that have come out in the last few months. Aware of the issues that perceive the company’s privacy as sketchy and unreliable, Facebook writes “We know you come to Facebook to connect with friends, not with us.”