Since the rise of Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus bending controversy, competitors such as Samsung, HTC and LG trolls the Apple product on Twitter.

Just after the #bendgate dispute started to emerge, LG and HTC were one of the first competitors to mock Apple and throw their comment on Twitter.

MacRumors reports Samsung, Nokia Deutschland and even Android sponsor, KitKat, hopped in to the troll train, grabbing the opportunity of promoting their products durability.

Timing with Blackberry’s release of its new Passport smartphone, Blackberry CEO John Chen mentioned the bending issue during the launch and states “I challenge you to bend the Passport,” according to CNET.

Competitor and even non competitor companies takes advantage of Apple’s bending controversy, which began due to unsatisfied iPhone 6 Plus users who have reported unintentionally bending handsets after leaving in their pockets for too long.

Subsequently, “bend test” videos started appearing showcasing how prone to bending the iPhone 6 Plus is.

Image credit: Lewis Hilsenteger/Unbox Therapy/YouTube