Taking a photo of your notes via your smartphone camera maybe smart and convenient however, the new Post-It Plus offers something better. It detects any sticky notes and enables you to organize them one by one or as groups, and ultimately lets you share them.

Simply capture your Post-It notes and Post-It Plus will instantaneously select the notes based on borders, but if there difficulties occur, you can manually fix the edges. Once auto-selecting is done, you can save it as a board, all according to an article on Lifehacker. 

You can add or remove notes, create new boards and move around existing notes. Furthermore, share your boards as PDF, powerpoint, spreadsheet or images via Evernote or back them up with cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Box and Google Drive. To collaborate your work, just simply add other Post-It Plus users to your board.

For now, the Post-It Plus application is only available for iOS devices.


Video courtesy of Post-It website