Microsoft has introduced Xim — their photo-sharing app which shares slideshows directly to your friends’ smartphones even without the app itself.

Image credit: Google Play

Image credit: Google Play

Xim enables you to share photos from various platforms; your gallery, Facebook, Dropbox and even Instagram. The app allows you to view the photos even if you don’t have the app installed in your smartphone.

Share the photos with your friends via text message. Once sent, the recipient then gets a link to join your slideshow wherein you can view and discourse about the photos at the same time, according to an article from Lifehacker.

In addition, if your friends have the app, they can add photos to the Xim. All Xims will automatically expire in a moment of time.

Unlike other apps, Xims let everything happen in the browser since only one among the group needs the app installed in their phone.

Currently the app is only available for Windows and Android phones and will soon to be available for iOS devices.