For Facebook, 2014 has been a year of continuous updates and improvements. The latest being new and easy ways to personalize your news feed.



Facebook has recently come up with a new set of settings, particularly focusing on the news feed settings menu. The news feed settings also display which friends appear most often on your feed and those you have unfollowed, with options re-follow them again whenever you please. Since these changes took place, gone are the days when you had to block or actually unfriend those annoying people on your feed.

Another major change is the tweaking of news feed posts. Users can now give Facebook which types of posts they want to see on their feed for easier scrolling options whether at work or on the go.

According to Facebook product manager Greg Marra, this change is a part of Facebook’s larger effort to make their users’ feeds more relevant to their personal interests.

“On any given day, there are about 1,500 different stories that can appear in a user’s News Feed, but people only see about 150. The algorithms behind News Feed take into account your previous actions — liking photos or clicking on links, for example — as well as what type of device or what type of Internet connection you’re on,” Marra explained.

These new features will be accessible not only to web users but for the phone and tablet app as well this coming Friday.