Antidate is a new kind of dating app with a gender-skewed, asymmetric twist that let male users be visible within the app to women while they, on the other hand, are not. Women will only be visible to men if they start up a chat or ‘tap’ on a guy’s profile.   


Its main purpose is to let women filter out unwanted advances and let the guys wait for women to come calling. Antidate is for straight dating only as of now, and will be expanding to LBGTQ soon.

It has only been out on iOS for the past few months in UK with a £0.69 price. Its founders intentionally put a price on the app so that people would be serious about using the app.

Antidate features a real-time selfie that let users avoid posting out of date photos for their profile. It also includes a feature called ephemeral messaging that deletes communications between users after 24 hours to “encourage spontaneity”.

Founders decided to let their users be on Instagram as well to let them share their photos on their profile and to reach for the younger crowd.

Source: TechCrunch