Four freshmen from Olin College has created yet another innovation for the Twitter world. This involves a pair of gloves and a hashtag.  

@hackholyoke Twitter Account

@hackholyoke Twitter Account

Invented by Andrew Deaver, Patrick Huston, Byron Wasti, and Keenan Zucker, the Hashtag Glove uses conductive fabric and the voice recognition feature to make it function. All a user needs to do is make a hashtag symbol with his fingers, dictate what he plans to tweet out loud, and the glove will automatically send out that tweet.

Yes, it’s that simple.

This futuristic approach to tweeting seems to be most promising to people who like going on outdoor trips and activities and who would like to share what is happening around them without having to use any kind of gadgets.

Right now, the Hashtag Glove is still currently in a prototype stage. But according to the young lads, they hope get the product out in the stores soon.

Watch this video and see these tweeting glove makers in action: