MemoryMirror, or MemoMi, is a digital mirror that takes videos and stills of the clothes customers try on in order for them to compare these clothing afterwards. Capturing a 360-degree back and side views  for better viewing in all angles, it uses Intel integrated graphics technology that create avatars of the shopper wearing various clothing.

Shoppers can scroll through different colors, patterns, designs and sizes of the clothing you’ve tried with just simple hand gestures. MemoMi also lets people add accessories to create the perfect outfit and share your sessions to the salesperson and friends through a MemoMi app so you could get feedback and advice.

MemoMi is founded by California-based Salvador Nissi Vilcovsky. Together with his team and selected partners, MemoMi Labs Inc. provides the world’s first high-fidelity, true-vision digital imaging software platform.

As of now, this technology is being introduced in Neiman Marcus stores in San Francisco and Texas, and will later try to expand on different stores.

See it in action on the video below.