Twitter has announced that they’ll be adding two new features for its official apps on both iOS and Android enabling users to experience group chat and a new mobile video experience.

Users nowadays want to converse with a group of selected recipients privately, and a lot of services such as Skype and WhatsApp have given us that opportunity. With this,

According to its announcement,  the group function gives users an opportunity to start conversations with any of our followers and other people as well, not needing for us to be following each and everyone. A group is created in just a few taps. In addition, other people could add you to a specific group chat and a notification will be given to you.

Capture and share videos of your special moments

Twitter has added a new video support as well that lets users edit, upload and share 30-second videos that the 140 characters simply can’t cover. Previewed with a thumbnail, viewing and playing videos are just one tap away.

You can now experience a rich and immersive, full of images, GIFS, audio files and videos without leaving Twitter itself with an advantage of slightly longer record times.

As of now, this new video experience are only supported for iOS users and will be coming out soon to Android.

Source: Twitter