Wayfare, originally called Wander, is a recently launched app developed by Korean programmer Jiho Kang that lets users talk with random people from different parts of the world online and immerse themselves in new cultural experiences.

Source: iTunes

Source: iTunes

All you have to do is input your basic information on where you are currently living in, “book” a ticket to a random destination or  choose from a pre-selected group of countries and it will lead you to someone who’s also on the app and is from that selected location. You could talk, share pictures and moments to your new friend for seven days and when the time is up, you can “leave the country.”  Your previous conversations to the other people from other countries are stored up in the archives so you could still keep in touch with them whenever you want to.

Language barrier isn’t a problem for this app. Wayfare has a machine translation that allows users to interact without having the same language.

Categorized as a Travel app, Wayfare is now available in both iTunes and Google Play Store for free.

Cover image source: Wayfare