The days of sharing 15-second videos on Instagram are over. Instagram’s latest update has increased its video limit and allows users to record a 60-second clip.

Image Credit: Flickr/Esther Vargas

Image Credit: Flickr/Esther Vargas

Instagram announces on their blog that they will expand its video capacity up to 60 seconds on iOS and Android. Increasing the video length limit will surely benefits users, who will have a greater opportunity to tell a story. “And longer videos mean more diverse stories from the accounts you love,” says Instagram on their blog.

Like Facebook, Instagram is slowly transitioning its news feed steady post to lively videos. Since videos on Instagram were introduced back in 2013, they’ve limits it only to 15 seconds, when it first launched its video feature.

Using videos becomes an integral part of social media/ internet. For the last six months, Instagram’s video viewing time is up to 40%. It means that you’ll now have more time spending watching more diverse videos of your favorite users in Instagram.

In addition, those who use Instagram’s iOS app, the latest update can now put multiple clips from their camera roll into one video. This feature used to be available but ended up being removed for a time. Due to that, number of video-stitching apps popped out to take its place. Good thing, Instagram brings it back. A lot of people will like it, especially for those of us who likes to create vine videos, etc.  The app also rolled out video view counts, allowing users to monitor how many people are seeing their videos, rather than only how many people are liking/comments their videos.

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