This is how comfort rooms became uncomfortable: Holding back, so you won’t make a sound.

Image Credit: BathStore/YouTube

Image Credit: BathStore/YouTube

When you want it all out unnoticed but you’re already drenching in sweat, Bathstore’s Silent Loo app saves you from embarrassment.

Those ‘pee’ and ‘poop’ sounds are quite natural yet surely awkward things which you’ve been trying to avoid, most especially if your partner is in your place. Now, with Silent Loo, there are Tap, Shower, Costa Rican River, and Tsunami sound clips to play and cover up any bathroom noise you create.

But other than that, since the application also provides sounds of running water at different levels, water wastage will never be an option.

It is absolutely free and downloadable in App Store and Google Play, for you to see how it works. Okay, let’s face it and fake it!