Make your home screen more appealing and fall in love with your phone all over again.

Image Credit: Youtube/xdadevelopers

Image Credit: Youtube/xdadevelopers

When it comes to Android, there are lots of creative ways to customize the appearance of your device. It is time to deck-up yours and have that fresh new look you want on your phone by changing all the stock icons with just one downloadable icon pack, depending on what pleases your eyes the most. Look at these top 5 ‘free and paid’ icon packs and simply click the one, or even more sets you like to download on Play Store.

  1. Impulse Icon Pack

Impulse boldly focuses on the pattern of colors, with emphasis on dark gray and blue for home screen. This pack offers 1080+ uniquely designed icons varying in colors of blue, red and yellow. Complete with 12 cloud-stored and HD wallpapers, it ensures an aesthetic design to match the icons set at either 512x512px or 192x192px. It also features a fully responsive, single dashboard application with dynamic calendar support.

  1. Elun Icon Pack

Elun is polished with thousands of perfect flat, round icons to choose from. These icons feature ‘stock’ colors which would perfectly fit with the scheme. With much attention to smallest details, there are over 3500+ icons ready to be sorted in themed folders. The icon pack also includes 31 cloud-based wallpapers which can be saved directly on your device.

  1. Click UI

If round icon is really your thing, Click UI gives you tons of high quality circular icons that beautifully pop out with sleek shadows and lively, vibrant colors. Again almost 2000 icons, along with 20 HD wallpapers, are featured in this pack which costs only $0.99.

  1. Min

This icon package is especially designed for minimalists as the name itself offers—Min. Its monochromatic effect brings a pleasing balance of plain backgrounds and single colored icons. The set is absolutely free with over 1,500+ unlabeled icons and 25 color wallpapers.

  1. Candycons

Featuring Candycons, complemented with Material Design, the icon pack fairly uses multiple color choices from Google. Most notably, multi-colored icons, along with a built-in request tool, and Google Earth wallpapers all come together in one pack for free.

Watch this video to help you decide which icon pack best suits your mood: