iMessage has seemed a bit unvalued in recent years, however, Apple introduced a gigantic change to its primary texting app, held at Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2016.

Apple‘s Messages is the most prominent and most-used app on iOS. It will receive a major revamping in the upcoming iOS 10 update.

Apple gave Buzzfeed News an exclusive outlook at the new app’s feature.

The update will include emoji-related enhancements, able to replace words with emoji in a single tap, dynamic text bubbles, handwritten notes and “invisible ink” messages, and many more.

Here are some features:

Feature 1: Handwritten Notes

iOS 10 merged handwritten notes with iMessage.

Feature 2: Predictive Emoji

Emojis can be presented three times bigger than before. It can also be presented in Predictive Quicktype.

Feature 3:  Tap to replace emoji

Simply tap on the highlighted words to replace them with the appropriate emoji.

Feature 4: Fullscreen animation

They will also introduce full-screen effects, showing dynamic display in the message window.

Feature 5: Tap back

Tap on a received message bubble to react to it specifically, such as with a thumbs-up or a heart.

Feature 6: Invisible ink

This new feature allows people to send secret message and can only be seen when the recipient scratches the particles away to reveal the message.

Feature 7: Digital touch

It will allow people to express themselves in unique ways.

Feature 8: Animated bubble effect

Apple will also add dynamic bubbles, which can grow or shrink.

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