The difference between a free abortion and a paid abortion is that with paid abortion, the deadlines are shortened because the request for free abortion is not processed. These prices are indicative prices. The most advisable thing is that you check the prices with your IVE clinic, from where they can also inform you about the contraceptive methods you should use after an abortion, when you should have sex if you have had an abortion with pills or a surgical abortion, as well as answer other questions about family planning and sexual health. In these centers, they will offer the woman all the necessary information about the procedure to be followed and from there will direct the woman to the clinic organized for the voluntary termination of pregnancy with the appointment to perform the abortion. To have access to free abortion in Barcelona, the woman must respect the deadlines and assumptions set by law and have the health card in force. There are two methods of abortion that we can use in our clinic, depending on the week of pregnancy you are in: medical abortion and surgical abortion. In general, the price offered in the clinic includes all medical services: from the first consultation to the tests, through the intervention and care after the abortion. Depending on the weeks of pregnancy, you can choose between two types of abortion, one is with the abortion pill, it is known as pharmacological abortion and is used up to 7 weeks of pregnancy. Although more and more women prefer the instrumental method because it is painless and fast. To know the exact week of pregnancy, we perform an ultrasound, in this way we know which method of abortion to use. In the case of a paid abortion, the woman simply has to call and/or go to a licensed abortion clinic for a voluntary termination of pregnancy and ask for information.

En la propia clínica, siempre de forma presencial, te facilitarán toda la información que precises junto con el sobre con toda la información que la ley establece. Además te darán ya la cita para la intervención, siempre respetando los tres días de reflexión que establece la ley. In Spain, voluntary legal abortion is possible up to the 14th week of pregnancy and up to 22 weeks if there is a risk to the health of the fetus or mother. With more than 15 years of experience, we have a team of gynecologists in Barcelona, experts in abortion. We also offer psychological support. In our prices we include everything you need during your stay. Trust us to perform legal abortion in Barcelona. 4) In order for the procedure to be carried out, the medical and legal requirements must be met. Otherwise, it cannot be performed. For minors, the rule establishes the obligation to present the consent of their parents and / or guardians and to be accompanied by one of them.

In addition, the voluntary termination of pregnancy is recognized as an advantage in the context of the coverage of the public health system. In Barcelona, as in the rest of Spain, abortion is legal at the request of the woman until the 14th week of pregnancy. In addition, an abortion can be performed up to the age of 22. Week of pregnancy, if there is a risk to the life of the woman or if the fetus has serious malformations. * Deadlines: because abortion is free in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy. That is, the woman does not have to claim a just reason to express her decision. Although he must be informed in advance of the rights, benefits and public subsidies of maternity. The 2010 Abortion Law was amended in 2015 and stipulates that the Centro Mã©dico Aragón has nearly 30 ± years of experience in helping women to end an unwanted pregnancy. If you find that you have a pregnancy that you think cannot be continued, we will be there to help you make the decision that is right for you. We are a clinic in Barcelona specialized in the voluntary termination of pregnancy or IVE.

For almost 30 years± Centro Mã©dico Aragón has been defending and caring for women and couples who voluntarily decide to have an abortion. Centro Mã©dico Aragã³n supports the right to choice and health by providing high-quality and affordable services to prevent pregnancies with more©contraceptives or to end up with an abortion. Our abortion clinic in Barcelona is located in the center of the city of Barcelona and is accessible by public transport to make the patient`s stay more enjoyable. In the case of an abortion at the request of the woman (up to the 14th week of pregnancy), the law requires the delivery of a sealed envelope in the hand to the woman, with all the necessary information about help and benefits, rights, etc. In addition, it is also necessary to leave a reflection period of 3 days, from the delivery of the envelope to the date of the abortion. The Law on Abortion: Organic Law 2/2010 of March 3 on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Voluntary Termination of Pregnancy stipulates the following: The woman can terminate her pregnancy if she is in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy and meets the following requirements: 2) First gynecological visit: The patient is first seen by a doctor who will perform an ultrasound and give you all the information, that you need to choose the right method. 2. Third visit: control14-15 days after the end of the abortion process, a control ultrasound is performed to ensure that the process has been successfully completed and not damaged by the patient. 1.

First visit: Administration of a single oral dose of MYFEGINE 200 mg at the clinic. In 40-50% of cases, taking this pill is already used to expel pregnancy in pregnancies that do not exceed 49 days. If this is the case, it is accompanied by heavy bleeding (in 70% of cases it is higher than usual menstruation) and abdominal pain. Diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, chills, fever, etc. may also occur. 3) On this day, the patient stays at the clinic between 2 and 4 hours, depending on the weeks of pregnancy and the method chosen. To do this, you need to contact us via our phone number, e-mail or, if it suits you better, you can also contact us via WhatsApp. With the idea of improving care and at the request of some users of our center, the psychological care service is offered after the pregnancy procedure (both for surgical and pharmacological procedures).

In this department, the patient receives emotional support, helps to adapt to the new reality, minimizes the impact of loss and advises on normal psychological symptoms that may occur later and how to treat them.