Are you curious about how we can meet the unique needs of the legal industry? With over 20 years of experience, Advanced Legal works at the interface of practice and technology, bringing technical depth and specific legal knowledge to our clients` IT structures. The customer portal also provides a simpler and more efficient process in case you need to make a support case. It serves as a direct route to your support team and is the fastest way to submit cases. The portal offers easy case management with a single website to track all your cases, open and closed. Your organization also benefits from multiple user logins, which allow all users to submit their own cases if you want and monitor their status. At the same time, administrative users can make their organization`s cases fully visible. Eagle-i is designed to help lawyers find relevant information on the Internet – by providing information about authoritative web resources and the most trusted websites and documents through well-maintained website profiles, content ratings, and dynamic links. Coverage includes: UK, European, foreign, comparative and international law The Eagle-i portal`s Internet resource database is designed to save time and support demanding internet usage. Eagle-i can be searched with a simple search screen that allows you to find relevant websites based on the words in the title or in our description. The short results provide a link to the site itself and an option to view more details about the site.

More than 5,500 resource records in Eagle-i contain brief evaluative descriptions that describe who provides the site and why – with reference to important content and coverage to help assess which internet resources are appropriate for your specific legal studies and research. Please watch this short video that describes some of the most important areas of your support portal in order to find answers, information, and logging cases more effectively. Are you curious about how a legally specific IT partner can improve your experience? Eagle-i (Electronic Access to Global Legal Information) is a freely usable portal for high-quality legal information sources on the web – developed by the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies as a national service for law. The search may focus on websites related to a specific country or jurisdiction. Eagle-i has global coverage and contains recordings for websites dealing with more than 200 countries, as well as for international non-governmental bodies and organizations dealing with international law. Searches can also be filtered for a range of resource types represented in the database. This includes primary and secondary legal documents such as: legislation, legal reports, contracts, government pages, magazines, professional associations, resource managers, and social media. Topic keywords are assigned to website records to identify a wide range of legal topics. Our cloud solutions can help you reshape your business so that it is ready for the digital age. Learn more about how we can help you change the way you work. The Customer Portal gives you instant access to updates and release notes, benefits from our Notes and Tips videos, and searches for over 10,000 knowledge base articles. All of these resources are completely free and provide you with the most up-to-date information about your advanced solution.

If you need to log in to a remote support session, you can do so by entering your participation code into our collaboration portal. Our managed IT services help law firms improve their technology management by streamlining processes, establishing best practices, and proactively maintaining their systems and networks to minimize downtime for desktops, servers, and ultimately users. The Internet has become a valuable research tool for the law, but finding the most relevant and reliable websites can take time and a range of information skills. Thank you for the team, but especially thank you for Mark. “Advanced Legal Technician has been great and always gives me options to get results I didn`t know existed. They create a unique experience for each user facing technological challenges. “We appreciate Advanced Legal`s quick response and solutions. “Advanced Legal employees have a deep understanding of the structure of the ProLaw database and have been an invaluable resource in transforming our legacy financial data into ProLaw. We continue to leverage their ProLaw knowledge and expertise with BIPro financial dashboards.

BIPro was a basic tool for our lawyers to view their billable and current information without having to dig into ProLaw. The professionalism of their team and the way they listen to us are appreciated. If you are a customer and need help, you can ask for help through our customer support portal. We help law firms move to the cloud at their own pace. We are building a private and custom cloud environment for our Tier 5 data center customers. You benefit from economies of scale for cost savings and mobile lawyer productivity. If you would like to know more or need help registering, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you. Are you ready to increase efficiency and streamline processes? We back up data up to 3 recovery points for redundancy and information security. It minimizes downtime and provides the framework for stronger business continuity or disaster recovery in the event of a crisis.