So we were forced to stay at anchor all day the next day to move them. A place in the ocean where ships can lower their anchors and stay for a while is called an anchorage. A large cruise ship in a small port often waits at an anchorage while passengers disembark in smaller boats. This bay most likely offers a good anchorage of the power of the tides. The boats were hoisted and preparations were made to leave the anchorage. The port is one of the best and offers a safe anchorage for the largest ocean-going vessels. Most of the troop transports left their anchorage for fear of submarines and returned to Mudros. An anchorage is similar to a mooring, a place where you can park your boat. But the moorings are close to the coast and allow you to tie up your boat.

On large ships, they can drop a heavy anchor to the side with a deep-water anchorage. In the days of tall ships, an anchorage was also a place to stop and wait for the wind to change. You can also use this maritime term to refer to “the act of the anchor condition” or “a fee for anchoring”. This week, the Alaska Native Federation convention began in Anchorage. Beginning in 1988, he worked in a car wash in Midtown Anchorage. City in south-central Alaska; the largest city in the state. These were the last words Charlo Greene uttered as a reporter for KTVA TV in Anchorage, Alaska. In fact, she was in Fairbanks, hundreds of miles from the Anchorage hotel, the night her mother met with the hotel room. You see it in places like Anchorage, the rape capital of the United States, where indigenous women are targeted in bars. When: July 18-19 Arrival: There are daily flights to Cordova from Anchorage and Seattle (via Juneau). But in many ways, the road from Anchorage to Nome was almost the easiest part. Soon, Shawn will make another trip to Anchorage, a place he called “overrated” for Karen, she says.

It`s a 30-minute water taxi ride from the town of Homer, four hours south of Anchorage. Mouser continued to live and work openly in Anchorage during this time.