Rob Laughton, a partner at an online retailer that sells the lanterns, argues that they should be regulated, not banned. He says his Dallas-based company, Wish Lanterns, responded to the audience and recently replaced bamboo with wire in the frame to make the lanterns biodegradable and no threat to animals that might try to eat them after the fall. The lanterns come with instructions on how to safely release them, and guests are advised to use common sense, such as not releasing them within 5 miles of an airport or forest area, he said. National Association of State Fire Marshals Recommends Ban on Sky Lanterns – March 2013 “National Association of State Fire Marshals Resolution on Fire Risk Posed by Sky lanterns and recommendation to impose state-level bans on their sale and use” An Alaskan airport had to divert air traffic when several skylights were flying in the airspace needed by skylights Had. Several family members were injured when the driver of their car drove off a road to avoid hitting a sky lantern. Yes Candace, these things should be illegal for all occasions. They light far too many fires. Would you still be for them if someone burned your house? The Philippine Fire Protection Bureau reminds the public sky lanterns Ban Barako Newsline – December 2013 “Sky lanterns are considered open-air lanterns. It should be staffed and monitored. I have a problem with the logic of banning sky lanterns and fireworks while allowing companies to sell them in the state in which they are banned! If they make them illegal, the companies that sell them should stop selling them. PERIOD! They don`t make people aware that celestial lanterns are illegal, and then they punish you for using them?! SURE! WELL, THE LITTLE MAN, BECAUSE HE DROPPED HER OFF, BUT DON`T DO ANYTHING FOR THE COMPANY SHE SELLS! THAT MAKES PERFECT SENSE!!!!!!!! It is quite logical!!! Some people are led to believe that celestial lanterns are environmentally friendly. As you can see in this photo, this is not true. Dead owl found trapped in a Chinese lantern.

We`re sorry to let you know, but it seems that a heavenly lantern ceremony for your wedding would be considered illegal. CONCORD, N.H. Thin paper sky lanterns lit from the inside by candles that make them float have been popular at Asian festivals for centuries, but U.S. fire officials want them banned. 311.1.1 Abandoned premises. buildings, structures and premises for which an owner cannot be identified or located by sending a shipping certificate to the last known or registered address, which are permanently or repeatedly unprotected or unsecured, which have been inhabited by unauthorised persons or for illegal purposes or which present a risk of structural collapse or the spread of fire to adjacent properties, are considered abandoned and unsafe until they comply with the Virginia Maintenance Code or the applicable building code. Stiles, a Republican, introduced her bill at the request of Rye Fire Chief Skip Sullivan. Sullivan said people would light the lanterns on the beach and think they were swimming towards the sea just to blow them inland. One of them ended up in the yard of an elected official, but burned and did not cause any damage, he said. After launching, they are completely out of control and can climb to 3,000 feet and later land on the ground, in trees or on structures. They lit roofs and started a fire that burned 800 acres in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, in 2011.

In May 2015, dozens of celestial lanterns were released from Carolina Speedway in Gastonia, North Carolina. The wind blew some of them into a cell phone tower and ignited it just outside the range of the water cannon of the Union Road Fire Department volunteer fire truck. With 4 light festivals in California in the next 4 months, how is it illegal in California??? Here is a link to information about the legality of celestial lanterns in California. Farmer gets compensation after Red Nose Day balloon kills cow The Telegraph – May 2011 “Agricultural and conservation groups are calling for a ban on the mass release of Chinese balloons and lanterns because of the deadly threat they pose to livestock and other wildlife. The thin thread it contained had pierced his esophagus. She had spent 48 long and painful hours choking on her own food. “Sky lanterns (Chinese paper lanterns) are not environmentally friendly BBC News – October 2011 “An owl was apparently found dead after getting entangled in a Chinese lantern on a gloucestershire farm.” Fire Sheds Light on Illegal Chinese Lanterns Post Bulletin – July 2013 “The fire damaged the rubber membrane of the roof, which shone when firefighters arrived around 9:20 p.m.,” Mueller said. Employees of the department recovered the lanterns from the roof; Several others were found nearby, he said. Flintshire councillors call for ban on Chinese lanterns Daily Post UK – September 2011 “A grandfather joins calls to ban Chinese lanterns after his grandson was burned almost alive by one of them. She was far enough away and ran just in time to pull the lantern from her son`s tent, where she had landed while she was still on fire. Celestial lanterns are sometimes used to celebrate a new year, a wedding, or they are thrown just for hell. Connecticut State Fire Marshal February 2013 Connecticut prohibits the sale, possession, and use of sky lanterns and defines them as fireworks.

Therefore, the OFPC, unless anchored or tied, believes that sky lanterns cannot be visited permanently and therefore constitute a violation of the New York State Fire Code. Also in England, cows were killed after eating the remains of celestial lanterns that fell on the farmer`s property. A mother calls for a ban on Chinese lanterns after her three-year-old son was burned by melted wax around the campfire at night Mail Online – November 2010 “It`s not thought his eyes are damaged, but doctors will re-examine him later this week to see if he will be permanently marked. Cael`s mother called for a ban on lanterns, saying, “I want people to realize how dangerous they are.” Thai authorities threaten Sky Lantern fans with the death penalty The Guardian – November 2014 “Some airlines have cancelled flights and others have changed their flight schedules during the festival. Bangkok has brought 2,000 police officers to the streets and set up checkpoints, with parts of the city banning the sale of fireworks and lanterns, according to the Bangkok Post. Sky Lanterns Illegal in Maine Maine State Fire Marshal – 2015 “These lanterns are often used for weddings or memorial services. However, they blow where the wind takes them and can cause fires if they land on something flammable. Maine law does not permit the use, sale, or possession of celestial lanterns in the state. In 2011, 800 acres in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, were burned when an illuminated lantern landed on dry scrub. Sky lanterns are now banned in Virginia, Hawaii, Maryland, Washington, Oregon, Minnesota, Tennessee and South Carolina. Even in Sanya, the city in China where lanterns were first created, they are now banned because they caused delays and safety issues on flights at a nearby airport. The FAA has raised concerns about the use of floating lanterns because they can be sucked into aircraft engines.

In December, Degnan used his authority to ban the release of lanterns in New Hampshire under a recreational fire code, but he also wants to block their sale. His order allows people to light the lanterns when they are attached, but he fears that the lanterns will come off or that the requirement will be ignored. (The map above is our estimate, based on internet research, of states that ban sky lanterns. We do not claim that it is 100% correct and assume no responsibility for how it may be used.) A celestial lantern is essentially a small paper hot air balloon with an opening on the ground where a small fire floats. Lanterns invented in China were first used as signals during wars. They are created at Asian festivals to get lucky and send wishes to heaven. Similar to dropped balloons, celestial lanterns all return to Earth as garbage.