Jake turkeys could be hunted by teenage hunters from April 10 to 11. Jakes are young male turkeys with a shorter beard than an adult, central tail feathers longer than others, and wing feathers that do not have white bars at the tips. “The bag limit is set at a certain level, which we expect the population to be able to support based on hunters` harvest rates,” Wood said, “not at a level that indicates how many turkeys each turkey hunter can take with them.” According to hunter surveys, about 10% to 12% of hunters who harvest a bird successfully harvest a second bird about 10%. Hunting turkeys on bait was the main offense officials found last year, with an alarming 72 cases in three weeks. 1) No more than one legal turkey (no jakes) can be taken during the first seven days of the regular season. When asked how Game and Fish draws its survey figures, Wood explained, “National estimates use historical methodology that goes back in time and takes into account previous observations and crop numbers. Game and fishing staff and officials, as well as employees of federal agencies and employees of non-profit organizations such as the National Wild Turkey Federation and the Nature Conservancy, document and report bird sightings observed in the course of their regular duties. When an official or biologist sees a turkey, he records the number, time and place of the observation. All the different observations are compiled over time to get a picture of the health and status of bird populations in different regions of the state. 3. Last year, hunters checked a total of 8,583 turkeys during the 16-day turkey season, a 4% increase from 8,217 in 2019. To have a harvest verified, a hunter must complete a game tag on their licence, check the turkey more than agfc.com or call 877-731-5627 within 12 hours of harvest.

In the January issue of Outdoor Life, Wood explained that his outlook for the 2021 turkey season is “on par with the last few years in terms of harvest.” He adds that 2020 was the best breeding year in all of Arkansas in seven years. It is illegal to hunt a female turkey or a female hen. A hen can be recognized by the fact that its size is half or 2/3 the size of an adult gobbler or Jake. Their heads are mostly blue with light feathers and usually do not have a beard, but about 10-12% of chickens can have a beard, so it is important to make this distinction depending on their color and size. The season opening date has also been optimised and postponed by seven more days than last year`s kick-off. April 18, 2022 is one of the most recent launches of the Arkansas turkey season in recent history. • The release of locally raised turkeys into the wild is illegal. The Commission`s Turkey Programme Coordinator, Jeremy Wood, said in a recent email that “limiting turkey consumption to a legal bird for the first 7 days of the season is an attempt to spread the hunting pressure and harvest of adult gobblers at the beginning of the season to give turkeys as many opportunities, reproduce as much as possible before harvest. These conservative efforts will seek to balance hunters` chances while giving turkey populations a chance to recover based on the latest available science. Currently, on average, about 70% of the annual harvest takes place in the first 9 days of the season (including the special 2-day youth hunting weekend).

Hunting within 100 feet of the center of a city, county, state, or open road maintained by the federal government on a WMA is illegal. Check your WMA`s scope notes for exceptions. Among other things, it says, “Only one turkey can be controlled per hunter in the first seven days of the season, regardless of the area.” This is a big change from previous years, where the two main restrictions were previously “no more than one legal turkey allowed per day” and “the national pocket limit (for the whole season) was two bearded turkeys, no jakes”. 1. Crawford, Logan, Franklin and Sebastian counties are located in Zone 2 of Turkey`s areas of private land. The regulations established for this season include two legal male turkeys and no jakes or young male turkeys unless they are taken by a teenage hunter from April 10 to 11. During the first seven days of the regular season, no more than one legal turkey can be taken. A hunter is not allowed to harvest more than one legal turkey per day. 5. Only shotguns, of 10 gauge or less, and archery equipment are allowed for legal turkey hunting.

Live traps, traps, nets, dogs or lures are not allowed for hunting. One hot spot that could be occupied for turkey hunting in Arkansas this spring, he suggests, is the Gulf Coastal Plain ecoregion. This is due to the continuous improvement in crop rates as well as the highest estimated reproduction rate in the state over the past two years. Cons: As mentioned here at the beginning, there are many management issues in the air about Arkansas` turkey populations, including poaching. We will come back to this shortly. Controlled game does not require marking as long as the turkey remains in the hunter`s immediate possession. If the animal is left with a transformer or other facility before the time of final disposal, harvest information that includes name, address, type, date of collection, and check confirmation number must remain on all parts of Arkansas turkey hunters who are eagerly waiting to return to the forest and enjoy the search for that first gobbler, will undergo significant changes during the next spring season. from 19 April. Use the area map for turkeys harvested on private land. Use the area map on pages 22-23 for turkeys harvested on public lands. Hunters under the age of 16 must have a customer number, which is available free of charge from agfc.com.

Another important change to the game and fisheries commission`s rules is to reduce the number of turkey hunting areas with their various restrictions from 17 to just two. The 2021 turkey hunting season will result in a simplification of Arkansas` turkey hunting areas, with the previous 18 zones being reduced to two, with all zone boundaries based on county boundaries. During the turkey hunt of the young, the hunt for coyotes and bobcats is only open to young hunters. Wood said research shows that the number of hunters` crops has the least predatory impact on turkey populations. Habitat and pest predation have more to do with the general decline in turkey numbers in the southern states. Studies show that when baby birds are able to survive the summer, mortality rates drop dramatically. “Everything we do is biologically motivated,” Harris said. “The decision to revise the Turkish regulations came on the recommendation of our research results. These have been forwarded to the Commissioners. They open recommendations for a public comment period before voting on whether or not to implement the changes.

The Commission took its final decision and voted in August 2020 to introduce these new rules. » Step 1. Complete a game tag from your license or the one listed on page 13. Fill in all the information except the cheque number, legible and in ink. A game tag can also be created from any material that includes the hunter`s name, customer identification number, as well as the date, time, and area of the harvest. Attach the label to the turkey club. • Wild turkeys should not be hunted with bait. An area is considered bait if food (including peeled, peeled or unbarked corn, chops, wheat or other foods that could be used as bait or attractant for wild animals) are present or have been present in the past 10 days. (An area is considered bait for 10 days after the bait is completely removed.) A hunter is responsible for a bait injury if he knows or ought reasonably to know that the area is or has been baited, even after the bait has been completely removed. There is no defined distance from a baited place where a hunter can shoot a turkey.

In addition, no more than one legal turkey can be taken in the first 7 days of the regular season. No more than one legal turkey can be taken per day. The zoning by-laws are as follows: Since the turkey hunting season runs from April 19 to 9. As May approaches, here are five important things you need to know before you start hunting. In 2009, the AGFC voted to abruptly cancel the fall turkey season, even after it was officially listed in the Billbook. Turkey Hunting Arkansas has two turkey seasons. The modern weapons season in spring begins on Monday, which is closest to April 7, and ends on May 7.