ABG. Los Angeles attorneys provide services related to the registration of real estate transactions, legal investigations of real estate properties, including their history, provide legal assistance in real estate disputes. ABG. Los Angeles lawyers can perform complex analyses – corporate due diligence (gathering and analyzing information to assess the state of the business and potential risks), provide legal assistance in carrying out various transactions, prepare legal advice on related topics of interest to clients. Asian Legal Business is proud to present the 18th Beijing In-House Legal Summit 2022. In-house legal advisors tasked with managing legal risks for their businesses are facing interesting times when an ALB will host the Greater Bay Area Forum in Guangzhou on December 8, 2022. This forum invited high-level experts in the legal services market to share their professional observations and r In the normal course of business of the company, there are more often issues that seriously affect the entire activity of the company. The task of ABG-LA`s lawyers is to provide support in the development and application of solutions that meet the interests of entrepreneurs, to avoid possible lawsuits, to minimize risks in the corporate component of the company, in short, to help the client as much as possible in the correct organization of its management. ABG. LA`s lawyers advise clients on matters such as the protection of shareholder rights, the responsibilities of senior executives and the activities of boards of directors. ABG.

LA offers the widest range of legal services, ranging from oral advice to full support for large projects. ABG. Los Angeles lawyers have a rich practice in drafting contracts in a variety of industries. The drafting of contracts requires careful consideration of all conditions that reflect the interests of the customer, including minimizing potential risks that may arise in the execution of contractual relationships. We develop supply contracts, credit agreements, memoranda of understanding (MOUs), commission contracts and assignments. ABG. LA lawyers also have extensive experience in drafting complex agreements and mixed contracts that incorporate elements of various agreements. ABG. LA provides various legal services to companies operating in the telecommunications sector.

With the baggage of rich practice, ABG. LA Rechtsanwälte has been working for many years as external legal counsel for one of the largest mobile operators in Tajikistan. Lawyers negotiate, draft and interpret international agreements that touch on a wide range of issues, such as peace initiatives, arms control discussions, trade liberalization agreements, international commodity agreements, consular conventions and private law agreements on issues such as judicial cooperation and the recognition of foreign judgments. They also work with Ministry officials on legislative initiatives and draft and interpret national laws, departmental regulations, decrees and other legal documents. They represent or assist the representation of the United States at meetings of international organizations and conferences and at numerous UN programs, and represent the United States before international tribunals such as the International Court of Justice and Iran-United States. Claims Tribunal, as well as in international arbitration. Lawyers work closely with the Department of Justice in litigation in the United States. and foreign countries that affect the interests of the Ministry, and which have also increasingly had the opportunity to represent the Ministry before domestic courts and administrative tribunals before the Foreign Service Grievance Commission, the Merit Systems Protection Commission, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and in contractual disputes before the Contractual Appeals Boards.

In every company, regardless of organizational form and ownership, the relationship between employer and employee is basically established according to the norms of labor law. The correct execution of industrial relations facilitates the prevention of conflicts between the employer and the employee. ABG. LA provides various legal services to companies operating in the field of trade and production, including comprehensive legal support. The company`s experience includes the successful support of projects from scratch, including the opening of a dairy and dairy production plant, a chocolate products production plant, legal support from a large soft drink manufacturer, as well as the provision of services to a number of large distribution companies. In the assets of ABG. LA gives several successful cases related to the full support of projects to build business centers and hotels built by foreign investors, including intergovernmental agreements. Sign up for the latest legal news and industry trends from Ice Miller ABG. LA is a certified service provider for international financial institutions (EBRD, World Bank, IFC, Eurasian Development Bank). Our lawyers have repeatedly acted as external consultants on projects carried out with the participation of these financial institutions, including the execution of loan agreements, contracts for the pledge of movable and immovable property and due diligence procedures.

ABG. LA has extensive experience in supporting various projects, including involving foreign developers, advising on licensing issues and obtaining permits. Our company provides services related to the legal support of development activities, from the allocation of land to the commissioning of completed objects. A dispute between business units is the least important way to resolve a contentious situation.