(f) a clear and concise statement of the reasons for the requested amendment; After receiving a marriage certificate or court order, a person must submit these and other documents along with their financial or personal records to the government and private organizations to ensure that the change is reflected everywhere. In doing so, the person may need to provide: You must appear in person before the judge to testify about the veracity of the application and the reason for the name change. If the judge finds this to be a legitimate reason, he or she will sign the order. The easiest way to update information with mortgage and utility companies in Oklahoma is to contact the relevant company directly. Usually, the provider has certain steps that one must follow in order to change his name after marriage. Sometimes this may include filling out a name change form or getting a name change package. In other cases, the person must go to a local office to apply in person or submit an application electronically. However, almost always, a mortgage company requires an official name change document before a change in a person`s title can be accepted. The same goes for updating names on electricity bills (natural gas, drinking water, electricity, etc.). The U.S.

Department of State processes all applications for new passports in Oklahoma. Following a legal name change, an international frequent flyer must update this document to match their official name. Otherwise, it can cause problems when trying to board a plane. § 1635 Judgment – certified true copy. The judgment usually contains the essential facts and the modification granted or, in case of rejection, the reasons for the refusal. A certified copy of such a judgment may be filed with any Office, if any, and shall be deemed to be a decision in civil proceedings. Completion services are provided for all Oklahoma name change packages. To order completion services, look for the Submit button in the search results. If you want to change your last name to Oklahoma or if you want to change your last name or child`s name, you will need to fill out name change forms and file your name change petition with court fees in Oklahoma Family Court. You can change your legal name or surname for personal or any other reason. For example, if you want to share your spouse`s name or change a child`s name, or change the name after marriage or divorce.

A name change is usually called the legal act of a person adopting a new name in addition to the birth name, marriage, divorce or adoption. Anyone can legally change their last name in Oklahoma through legal process if it doesn`t hurt anyone. You have to go through a legal process to adopt a new name or a name change, which is quite hectic and frustrating because of filing a petition and other formalities of name change. Legal Name Change has a team to help you with this name change process. Once you have legally changed your name, you will need to update your voter registration by submitting a new voter registration application. Download the Oklahoma voter registration application form, provide all relevant information, and submit it to the Oklahoma State Board of Elections. If you are not satisfied with the name you were born with and the name given by your parents or family does not match your personality, you have the right to change it. You don`t have to die with the same name.

You can take the name of your choice. At Legally Name Change, we help you make it happen. Our team of knowledgeable and experienced attorneys will help you with your Oklahoma name change needs. We have a good reputation throughout Oklahoma as the most reliable and professional company serving thousands of men in their name change needs. 2. Birth Name: The applicant was identified at birth as ______. There are many reasons why you might decide to change your name. As long as it`s not for illegal purposes (e.g., to avoid creditors, lawsuits, etc.), you can easily have your name changed legally. You can get your Oklahoma name change forms from Oklahoma Divorce Forms, LLC. In Oklahoma, adults who wish to change their name outside of marriage or other legal proceedings can appeal to the district court of their district of residence.

To file this application, the person must complete certain forms, submit them to the court office and pay the court`s filing fee. Change of name forms can be requested from the Clerk`s office and are as follows: To obtain a new passport, a person must submit an application form, certain supporting documents and a service fee (except in one case).