Australia`s only RTO specialising in both accredited legal education and legal recruitment, including government internships. Janie Thomas is our Director and Senior Trainer/Evaluator. A long-time industry expert, Janie has over 15 years of experience in the legal industry and over 13 years of experience recruiting and training lawyers. Her career spans the entire legal spectrum, having held positions as a lawyer, paralegal and paralegal. The first place to start is to take stock of everything you own. You should keep this list to help the person who will be the executor. You should also take stock of all your debts, as the executor is responsible for paying the estate`s debts. These lists are a great resource for the executor and make them much more efficient when it comes to settling your estate. Otherwise, the executor may have trouble finding this information, running the risk of neglecting something that could lead to legal problems. You will always know the status of your file.

With over 75 years of combined legal experience representing individuals, companies and organizations, we are able to see many aspects of a legal problem and legal issues. In fact, we have a lawyer who perfectly meets your legal needs. If you live outside your home country as a foreigner, various legal considerations can influence your day-to-day actions. Where are you allowed to work? How many hours does your host country allow you to work? Are there any restrictions on the length of stay in your host country? If so, how does this influence your day-to-day decision-making? Regularly weighing such legal considerations can be exhausting. Therefore, it is understandable that foreign nationals are reluctant to create probate plans in accordance with the U.S. legal system, whether or not they plan to stay in the U.S. for an extended period of time. If you have questions about estate planning and are a stranger, please make an appointment with a Melbourne FL estate planning lawyer from our firm. Once we know the specifics of your situation, we can advise you on your estate planning options. There are a variety of legal and financial instruments aimed at protecting the material and medical wishes of adults.

But not all tools are suitable for everyone. While it`s important for all adults to have some basic documents such as a will and supplemental health insurance policy, other estate planning tools may or may not be suitable for you as an individual. Scheduling a consultation with an estate planning lawyer Melbourne, FL, recommended by Arcadier, Biggie & Wood law firms, will help you clarify your options and make informed decisions. We look forward to talking to you. Our team of lawyers and staff have extensive expertise in virtually every area of law, including personal injury, bankruptcy, commercial law, immigration, whistleblower protection and mediation. As evidenced by our Martindale-Hubble AV classification, our lawyers and lawyers are respected by court officials, judges, legal colleagues and opposing lawyers for their professionalism and efficiency. As experienced attorneys for Melbourne, Palm Bay and the surrounding area of Brevard County, Florida, our attorneys will always answer your questions and concerns. Many people mistakenly assume that estate planning is a task reserved only for the wealthy. However, depending on your assets and goals, estate planning may be something you should consider. People with different incomes can benefit from estate planning because you can organize and distribute your assets in a way that is protected by law. An estate plan is structured around your specific personal interests and goals. The type of documents you include in your plan will determine the function of your estate plan.

You may want to add health policies that inform your loved ones and medical care team of the decisions that should be made on your behalf. You may want to add some documents that will facilitate your transfer of assets, such as a trust. There are many options you can consider, so talk to an estate planning lawyer to learn more about the benefits of having an estate plan in place. At Arcadier, Biggie & Wood, we have been helping our clients plan their estate for many years and look forward to meeting and discussing their legal needs. We can take steps to help you protect your property and assets and provide for your family when you are away. Studying with us allows you, as a student, to benefit from Janie`s extensive legal expertise and gain a deeper understanding of the topics you are studying. Generally, federal estate taxes are levied on the estates of individuals who own property in the United States. So you need to take care to consider the tax implications of leaving real estate in the U.S. relative to your home country when working with an estate planning attorney in Melbourne, Florida to create the terms of your estate plan. In addition, you may want to ask an estate planning lawyer in Melbourne FL about the benefits of forming a trust, as this legal tool can be especially beneficial if you are not a citizen and your assets may be more complex than the assets of most citizens, simply due to the fact that your property may eventually be subject to the laws of more than one country.

depending on where this property is located. None of us know how long we`ll have to enjoy our lives, so it`s important to have a legally enforceable estate plan at all times. However, it can be difficult to approach the concept of estate planning if you live in a country other than the country where you claim citizenship.