P-plate laws are stricter in Victoria and also fall under the two-tier provisional licensing system. Red P1 or P plates last for one year, while green P2 or P plates must be kept for three years. PrepL is a 4-6 hour online course that you can take when you reach the age of 15 years and 11 months, so you can get your L plates on your 16th birthday. It`s a great way to learn the rules of the road interactively, and ends with a 30-question test that you need to do 90% correctly. The written test is the oldest process and involves taking a test at a licensing centre after the age of 16. You should study for the test and practice online before you leave. Queensland`s laws on P-plates aren`t too difficult either. There are two levels of provisional riders, P1 and P2. Restrictions on high-performance vehicles in Queensland apply to drivers with P1 and P2 licences under the age of 25. In general, turbocharged and V8 vehicles are not in the equation, but not always. There are a few exceptions and rules that can lead to a happy ending for your Toyota-loving teen. P-platers in the NT are not at all limited in their vehicle category.

Although they can drive a performance car if they wish, they should not exceed 100 km / h, even if the indicated limit is higher. In addition, Victoria allows P-platlers to drive certain Ford Ecoboost, Holden turbo and Nissan turbo vehicles (without exemption) provided they have a power-to-weight ratio identifier on the date of build plate (vehicles manufactured before January 1, 2010) indicating that they have less than 130 kW per tonne of power per weight. One of his first cars was an 80cc Mazda RX-7, which we sorely miss to this day. A `68 Ford Torino GT, a `66 Ford Country Squire Woodie station wagon and a `96 Suzuki GSX-R 750 have spent time in its fleet of cars, motorcycles and trucks over the past two decades. The 125 kW/tonne rule seems unnecessary to me. It`s based on the manufacturer`s specifications, so if I was on my PS, I could buy an S13. Get an exception. Upgrade turbo, head hose and exhaust, stick on a front bracket, ECU. Suddenly, I am waaaaaay over 125kW/tonne and there is no process to verify this. Once you have your P1 licence (your red P licence plates), you can drive unsupervised, subject to the QLD-P licence plate rules listed below. The landscape of P-plattlers has changed, with some states limiting cars that can be driven according to a power calculation.

Although the aim is to combat the over-representation of young drivers in road accidents, the rules themselves are far from simple. Jason is a Canadian automotive content writer with experience in the auto maintenance industry, but has been addicted to cars and mechanics since childhood. In all of the above states, P-platlers are only allowed to drive vehicles modified by the manufacturer. P1 and P2 licences in QLD are subject to restrictions on high-performance vehicles. A high-performance vehicle is a car manufactured on or after January 1, 2010 with a power-to-weight ratio greater than 130 kW/t (kilowatts per tonne). If the car was manufactured before this date, it is considered powerful if it has 8 or more cylinders, has a turbocharged or supercharged engine that is not diesel, has an engine power of more than 210 kW or is a rotary engine with a displacement of 1146 cc. In addition, temporary drivers over 26 years of age only need to present the P registration plate for six months. Recent changes to restrictions on P-licence plate vehicles in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia allow these drivers to drive a vehicle with a power-to-weight ratio of less than 130 kW per tonne. There are two types of P disk restrictions in Queensland, depending on whether you have your P1 or P2 license. Exceptions that can be powered by a P-platler are: Suzuki Cappuccino 2D Cabriolet Turbo 3 657-698cc (1992-1997); Daihatsu Copen L880 2D Cabriolet Turbo 4,659cc (2003 or later); Smart Fortwo Coupe 2D Turbo 3,698cc (2000 or later); Smart Fortwo Cabriolet Turbo 3 2D 698cc (2000 or later); Smart Roadster Turbo 3 2D 698cc (2000 or higher); Toyota LandCruiser.

It is a teenager`s gateway to freedom: the ability to do what you want, when you want, and go alone where you want. But in Australia, P-plate laws are ambiguous. Read on for full advice on how to get your P licence plates in Queensland, as well as any additional restrictions that apply to you as a temporary Queensland driver. Head in your hands trying to buy a legal P-plate car for a difficult teenager? When looking for a new car, factors such as resale value, safety, economy, maintenance, and initial cost are enough to confuse the best-prepared buyer. Add to the confusion that the car is for a P-platler who is probably a teenager, and you may find yourself confused and frustrated with your head in your hands trying to understand the QLD restrictions for P1 and P2 license holders for high-performance vehicles.