If you already know which forms to fill out, you can: This chip stores data from the data page of the travel document and the mandatory biometric characteristic of the passport holder: the photograph. You can fill out the correct form or provide information about the status of your passport at Travel.State.gov 16) Print the downloaded form and bring it to the embassy on the specified date and time. (If the appointment date falls on a weekend/holiday, you will be asked to go to the embassy the day after that weekend.) Please complete the application form at emrtds.nepalpassport.gov.np/, print the completed form and come to the Embassy in person with the above documents on the day of your appointment. Passports will be available in all three districts of the Kathmandu Valley within a week. Passports will be available within 15 days on the Mahendra highway outside Kathmandu and surrounding districts and districts with flight facilities. After receiving the passport at the district administration offices, an SMS will be sent to the applicant`s mobile phone to collect the passport. 1) Open the emrtds.nepalpassport.gov.np/ link – A copy of the applicant`s passport/birth certificate and you will need to attach a photo to your passport application. All of our photo guidelines apply to adults and children under the age of 16. We have a few exceptions to our photo guidelines for toddlers. Currently, we are experiencing technical issues with our online ePassport (emrtds.nepalpassport.gov.np) application system when completing the online passport renewal form.

Some applicants complain that they receive an “insufficient capacity” error message when attempting to submit their application. Unless otherwise stated, we recommend applicants to set the date and time of their computer/laptop to “Kathmandu, Nepal” before completing the online ePassport application. Normally, this should work. If this does not work, please send an email to consular@nepalembassyusa.org requesting an appointment date and time. Once the ePassport is ready, it will be published in the ePassport status on the Embassy`s website. If the applicant`s full name and old passport/birth certificate number are displayed on the status, the applicant can pick up the passport by going to the embassy in person with an old passport/copy of the birth certificate. The machine-readable passport is issued within three months of a duly registered application form accompanied by the required documents. Therefore, applicants are advised to apply for a new machine-readable passport at least 6 months before the expiry of the old passport. Applicants will receive the new machine-readable passport in the envelope previously sent upon arrival of the new passport. Applicants who wish to obtain the new machine-readable passport from the Embassy must be presented in person with the receipt and the old passport. If your U.S. passport is lost or stolen, you should report it immediately to the nearest local police station.

If you think you know where your passport was lost or stolen (at a hotel, airport, bus station, etc.), you should also report the loss there. (Applicants over the age of 16 without a citizenship certificate because they cannot travel to Nepal to obtain such a certificate can apply for a passport extension with a validity of 2 years. These applicants must present a minors` certificate instead of the citizenship certificate. The rest of the application remains the same as above.) The applicant can retrieve the passport by authorizing someone to collect it on their behalf. The following documents should be sent to the following address: consular.canberra@mofa.gov.np It usually takes 2-3 business days after registration. However, if the details of citizenship, ID card, old passport, etc. are not verified, or if a photo is not completed according to ICAO criteria, further investigation is required. Unfortunately, despite the emergency service, passports may not be available on time due to software upgrades or other technical reasons.

As a result, the Department asks applicants to book tickets or make the necessary travel arrangements only after receiving the passport. Passport The Consulate General of Nepal in New York began using the ePassport on March 25, 2022. This is a live registration service and therefore requires the applicant to be physically present at the Consulate General. (In order for the consulate to manage the flow of services, applicants are welcome to visit the consulate by prior appointment to submit their application/registration online. No separate call or email is required after an online ePassport appointment. Please note that the Embassy is not responsible for lost or undelivered mail. You cannot use your expired U.S. passport to return to the U.S. after June 30, 2022. How to complete Form 1.

Enter emrtds.nepalpassport.gov.np in your browser. 2. Click on “Apply for Passport” and select one of the options that explain why you are applying for the passport: First issuance, renewal, replacement (lost/stolen) or replacement (damaged). 3. After reading the instructions, choose the size of the passport you want to apply: Ordinary 34 pages or Ordinary 66 pages according to your needs and click “Continue” & “I agree” 4. Enter your required data under the different sub-topics. Please note that applicants in the United States are not required to provide their NIN (National Identification Number). You can skip the field if you do not have a national identification number. If you took NO, enter its number.

5. Download separate scanned copies of your Nepalese citizenship card (front and back). In addition, upload scanned copies of the personal data page (page 2 and page 3) and back (page 30 and page 31) of your previously issued MRP/ePassport. You will also need to upload a scanned copy of your marriage certificate in case your current surname has changed due to your marriage. Similarly, you will need to upload a scanned copy of your migration certificate if your permanent residence is not indicated on your citizenship card. 6. Click on “Book your appointment” and select NPL New York as your option and select the date and time of your choice. (Please note that if you do not arrive at the consulate on the scheduled date and time, the consulate will no longer be able to receive your application. In this case, you will need to reschedule your appointment.) 7.

Then, submit and upload the form. 8. Please print a copy of the form. It must be submitted to the consulate with your application. U.S. citizens can return directly to the U.S. with some expired U.S. citizens. Passports. Once the embassy has received a new passport from the passport service, it will be sent to your address.

You will receive a notification in your email and mobile text. a) Choose the first issue for a newborn`s passport and for the renewal of a handwritten passport Application processing time: 6-8 weeks Delivery of the new passport Once the consulate has received a new passport from the passport service, it will be sent to your address if you have arranged a self-addressed and stamped envelope, Or you can pick it up at the reception of the consulate, if you have opted for self-pickup/pickup.