In order not to be fooled by illegal services, here is a list of legal credit companies that will be registered with the OJK in 2022. SWI also asked the public to be aware of all forms of new forms made by illegal borrowers to trap victims. SWI encourages law enforcement officials to continue to prosecute and arrest these illegal borrowers, as efforts to block websites and apps do not deter perpetrators. This is done by the government so that people are no longer trapped in illegal online lending companies. For this reason, it is a good idea to know the list of illegal and legal loans in Indonesia. Illegal online loans usually transfer a certain amount of money directly to the victim`s account, although the victim has never borrowed money from the illegal loan that made the transfer. The intention behind this action is for the company to terrorize victims and collect fines if they exceed the pace. KONTAN.CO.ID – Jakarta. Illegal online loans (pinjol) are operational again. Today, illegal borrowers suddenly use the mode of transferring funds to trap their victims. Below is a list of names of illegal loan companies and how you can check if the loan application is illegal or legal. To make sure that the loan application is illegal or not, you can check it through various OJK platforms ranging from website, WhatsApp, phone number and email. PARBOABOA, Jakarta – Online lending platforms (pinjol) are one of the options for people who want to borrow money easily.

Unfortunately, the emergence of illicit loans is developing and worrying the Community. The second way to check for illegal or legal loans is to contact OJK WhatsApp. Register the official contact OJK 081-157-157-157. Open the WhatsApp app and open the registered OJK contact. Below is a list of legal loans in Indonesia in 2022: As for OJK`s website, there are 106 legal loan companies as of October 11, 2021. Below is a list of legal loan companies in Indonesia in 2021: Below is a list of illegal and legal loans from and reports based on information from the Ministry of Communications and Informatics (Kominfo) and the Financial Services Authority (OJK): In August 2022, the OJK Investment Alert Task Force (SWI) said: that there were 71 illegal loans that could harm the public. Recently, many residents claim to have received a sudden money transfer from an unknown party. It turned out that the money transfer came from an illegal loan.

In February 2022, SWI OJK also found 50 illegal loans. In February 2022, the illegal loan company was called: So far, the OJK and related parties have also blocked and shut down illegal lending services. Now that you know the characteristics of illegal online lending, it`s a good idea to also know the mode often used by illegal loan applications to trap their victims. Here are the details: To avoid becoming a victim, the public must recognize the characteristics of loans that are not legal or illegal. Features of illicit loans include: The Financial Services Authority (FJA) always reminds the public to be aware of the fraudulent practices of illegal borrowers. If you find an illegal investment offer or loan that is not registered with the OJK, the public can view or report to OJK Consumer Services 157, email or If the money is not returned to the sender, the customer is registered as a debtor or has a debt in the illegal loan. Then illegal borrowers will charge him high interest rates. Citing, the loan application is considered illegal if the proposed borrowing mechanism violates regulations and may harm the community. Although thousands of people have been closed, the practice of borrowing remains widespread in the Community.

“Every day, the Investment Alert Task Force receives complaints from people who are victims of illegal loans. Although some of the perpetrators have been prosecuted, it appears that some of them have not been deterred,” L. said. Tobing, chair of Tongam`s investment alert task force, in an official statement. Credit companies usually make offers via SMS or WA that use unknown numbers. Their offers are varied, one of which claims that the loan application can be done without conditions. As for OJK`s website, there were 102 legal loan companies as of April 2022. As of August 2022, there is no new data on legal loans and they are registered with the OJK. SWI continues to encourage law enforcement officials to prosecute and arrest illegal borrowers that cost the public billions of rupees.

For this reason, SWI is also asking the public to learn about all forms of new forms of fraud by illegal borrowers. Below is a list of legal loan companies in Indonesia registered and licensed with the OJK in 2022: SWI found 71 illegal loans in August 2022. So since 2018 at. In August 2022, the number of illegal loans that were closed rose to 4,160 illegal loans. However, people don`t have to worry as there are still legal loans or those registered with the OJK. As for the OJK website, from April 2022 to August 2022, there are at least 102 legal credit companies registered with the OJK. Since 2020, OJK has imposed a moratorium on loan registration.