Turning cage. Roll bars must have a wall thickness of at least 1 inch by 0.083 of mild steel or at least 1 inch wall thickness of 0.065 inch of chromolytic steel. The front part of the cage must not be further back than the steering wheel. The roll bar shall have sufficient bracing and strength at the front and rear to support the weight of the vehicle and driver in the event of a malfunction. The cage must have spandrels on the bars that intersect with the posts. The curvatures must have a radius of at least 3 inches. No square or pointed corners are allowed. The roll bar must be located at least 3 metres above the driver`s helmet. It is mandatory to install a transverse support behind the seat to support the shoulder strap. Tulsa, OK| 06.01.2022: As the new season approaches, a revised set of rules is now available. You can find it in the Rules section of our website or on the following link: Engine Rules. Briggs & Stratton World Formula engines as defined by Jr Sprint USA. The Briggs World formula uses an original RLV 5442S manifold or hose and RLV 4100 silencer as defined in the Jr Sprint USA Briggs World Formula.

Standard tubes can be cut and turned as needed to fit the race car, provided the tube retains the original length, diameter and volume of the original standard tube for traction control. No sprocket or transmission sensors for traction control. NO TRACTION CONTROL of any kind expressly mentioned or not. Age. Drivers aged 6 to 12 (A driver whose 13th birthday falls in the racing season can finish the season in which he earned points before his birthday. Racing season begins March 1.) can compete in Class “J”. It is recommended that parents/guardians read and understand these rules. Click the class to view the details of the rules.

www.portcityraceway.net/downloads/get.aspx?i=681499 What are the seating options? Port City Raceway offers seats from Turn 4 to Turn 1. The seats consist of wooden grandstands with comfortable seating sizes to stretch out. Stadium blankets and chairs are allowed. Safely mounted fuel cell. The reservoir used for qualification tests shall be retained for all tests. Aftermarket cam chain tensioners enabled engine safety. Modification of the oil pan and pick up authorized or after-sales ok. Unless otherwise stated, all internal and external parts of the engine must remain in stock without modifications, metal removal, plan. Where can I buy tickets? Tickets can be purchased on the route. Tickets are only sold 2 hours before the start of the race.

Hubs. Front hubs; Type of go-kart with 5/8″ bearings and wheel bolts of at least 5/16″. rear hubs; Douglas 5 x 130 go-kart or equivalent or the new aluminum axle and wheels or any new hub approved by the technical inspection. Cockpit controls. On/off switches must be located on the dashboard, on top of the bonnet or on the steering wheel. The on/off switch must be functional. No radio connection with the car or driver is allowed. The box attached to the fence has been clarified as no radio connection to the car or driver and is allowed. (This is the infrared emitter used to trigger the stopwatch function on Mychron devices. Concerns have been raised that this “box” might be able to “communicate” with a car on the track.

Another review by the Commission revealed that no “disclosure” was possible.) Cockpit control: carburetor regulator kill switch and engine monitoring. No wing sliders or pan adjustment pilots operated in the cockpits. Valve seat inserts can be reworked. The valves must remain unchanged. Cylinder head combustion chambers can be cleaned by shot peening with seated valves. What types of food do you sell along the road? Port City Raceway is known for providing excellent food and variety for every spectator. Hot dogs with burgers, chicken strips with walking tacos, there`s something for everyone. A feature qualifier is set up according to the points of passage of a week of the round and the qualification. FROM 2020 RACING SEASON: All production classes can use electronic or mechanical injectors with a mechanical fuel pump with OEM throttle bodies or carburetors as standard. No mixing of manufacturers.

All vehicles must have legible numbers on the rear tank. Engine 600cc 4 cylinders 4 stroke as on a motorcycle production in public sale in the USA comes No series engines of the current year. Unless otherwise stated, all internal and external parts of the engine must remain in stock without modifications, metal removal, plan. Wing. Straight sideboard, maximum 42″ x 20″. Left sideboard, maximum 42″ x 20″. Total wing size at least 5.5. The wing cannot be mounted outside the centre line of the tires. Sideboards must not exceed 3 inches beyond the middle section and the sides must cover the middle section. All wings shall have edges or edges with a radius of 1/16″. No rough edges. No wood except ribs or spars in the central part.

The sides of the wings should not be more than 4″ below the turning cage. The nostrils must not exceed 24″ x 18″ and must bear the registration number of the car. Sideboards should not exceed 8.5 inches in height and 21 inches in length. The upper wings are mandatory to participate in a night event. Cars can end up without wings if no replacement is available. The buffets must be 90 degrees from the central part. The kick of the buffet should not exceed 2 inches. It is your responsibility to check the size of your wing to make sure it is correct. 113th to 208th after races of eight (8) âCâ Mains (in Outlaw Non-Wing, Stock Non-Wing and Winged âAâ Class), balance at 6-8 âDâ Mains depending on the number of vehicles, 113th at the back in Winged Outlaw to âCâ Mains. The first two of each main transfer âD to the main âCâ, the first two of each main transfer âC to Main Bâ, the first two of each main transfer âB to qualifier A on Saturday evening. Suspension.

Damper suspension or torsion bar suspension allowed. Kicking; Maximum 46 inches. At least 32 inches, center to center of the tires. Wheelbase; Maximum 52 inches. At least 50 inches, from the center of the front axle to the center of the rear axle. 1 1/4″ diameter steel rear axle min or the new aluminum axle. Direction; The front wheels must be connected by a fixed or tubular tie. Rear-wheel drive only. All suspension bolts, except wheel nuts, must be secured by some sort of locking device. The top 8 of the A qualifiers qualify for the Tulsa Shootout Championship A Main Event. Easy cleaning of sealing surfaces with steel wool, Scotch-Brite, etc. is allowed.

All OEM 600cc CV carburetors (no flat slides allowed). The top 16 in combined crossing points from the playoffs and qualifiers will qualify for the A Main on Saturday night. Places 17 to 112 in the combined checkpoints are included in 8 âBâ Mains. The top 16 in combined crossing points from the playoffs and qualifiers will qualify for the A Main on Saturday night. Balance in Main Sector “B” with 61st place at the back of Heat Race Pass points. The top two or three (depending on the number of cars) from each B Main at the A Feature Qualifier on Saturday night. Reflective numbers are not allowed. The numbers and corresponding letters are not reflective. The letters must be 5″ high and placed above the number. Winged classes must have numbers on both buffets. The production control units, PE3-IG2 and PE3-8400, are approved for use with standard carburettors and fuel injection.