Regent University School of Law in Virginia Beach, Virginia offers a skill-intensive Christian faith-based legal education that empowers students to become excellent lawyers and leaders in the legal profession. Its purpose is to provide a basis for early principles of law, Western legal and customary traditions, and American constitutionalism. Regent Law also provides students with the contemporary knowledge base and practical skills needed to succeed in law-related disciplines. The school`s religious affiliation is emphasized in the classroom through devotions and content integration. The faculty, trained in some of the best law schools in the country, serves as a mentor to students and provides excellent teaching. For example, in Princeton Review`s 2020 edition of the top law schools, Regent Law Faculty ranked 5th among the best in the country for quality of teaching and 7th for accessibility. The faculty also focuses on preparing students for the bar exam, as evidenced by Regent`s ranking as the 20th best in the country for Ultimate Bar Passage in 2019. Regent prepares students to be practical after graduation. Through a variety of clinical and experiential learning opportunities and exceptional advocacy and trial advocacy programs, Regent Law graduates have the skills they need to succeed in practice.

Regent also has an excellent writing program, with an emphasis on preparing students for court internships. Regent is competitive with the best schools in the country for internships and court jobs. In the class of 2019, 24.6% obtained a legal trainee position; and the National Association of Law Placement employment rate for this category was 95 per cent. In addition, preLaw Magazine ranked Regent Law among the top law schools for human rights, litigation and innovation in practical training. This is the amount you would have to pay if you borrowed the full cost of attendance, taking into account the interest that accumulates during school. The percentage of graduates who passed the bar exam, which states generally require for a bar license and thus the practice of law. For law schools, bar pass rates are measured among participants for the 1st time and within two years of graduation (the “ultimate” bar pass rate). The median tuition reduction received by those who receive educational reductions. If 60% of the school`s enrollment receives a $5,000 discount, 30% of the school receives a discount of at least $5,000. In this scenario, 30% also received between $0 and $5,000 and 40% received no discount. This discount is valid per year, although discounts are not always guaranteed to be renewed every year. The monthly payment is based on the total debt of the law school from six months after graduation, when the first payment is due.

Based on a duration of 10, 20 or 25 years. The amount (including fees) you pay a school for its educational services for a given period, i.e. every term, semester or year. Unless otherwise stated, the tuition fee quoted by us is the price of the sticker. The price of the sticker corresponds to tuition fees without reduction (or scholarship). For public schools, state residents generally receive a lower price than non-residents. Regent Law ranks #166 in terms of tuition fees among full-time law students ($36,620). We rank out of a total of 283 tuition fees from 194 law schools and rank twice as many law schools that have different tuition fees inside and outside the state. Sometimes called scholarships. The rebate is the amount of the need-based or non-need-based discount a student receives for attending law school. These are often associated with conditions.

If an amount is indicated, this amount is the total rebate for one year. Regent alumni practice law in nearly every state in the country and in 24 countries. The Center for Global Justice offers students the opportunity to work with human rights organizations around the world and annually offers scholarships to a number of students to travel domestically and internationally to combat human trafficking, ensure religious freedom, and protect vulnerable women and children. And through the Robertson Center for Constitutional Law, students have the opportunity to work on amicus curiae briefs for the Supreme Court and federal appellate courts in high-profile cases of free speech, separation of powers, and religious freedom. Regent Law Student satisfaction is consistently high. Ninety-five percent of third-year law students rate their law school experience as “good” or “excellent.” Finally, Regent of Niche is among the top 20 college campuses in America in 2019-2020. Regent Law is tied for #165 in terms of median starting salary among graduates working in private practice as a law firm clerk ($55,000). Top 15 Law School for Public Policy, preLaw Magazine 2020 Top 22 Law School for Human Rights Law, preLaw Magazine 2019 Top 24 Trial Advocacy Curriculum in the Nation, preLaw Magazine 2019 Top 30 Law School for Practical Training Skills, preLaw Magazine 2018 Top 20 Most Innovative Law School, Top 3 in Practical Training, preLaw Magazine 2017 Regent Law ranks #73 in terms of highest percentage of professors, belonging to racial or ethnic minorities (-14.6%).

Regent Law ranks #77 in terms of student selectivity with a 43.3% acceptance rate among those who applied for admission. 1000 Regent University Drive Virginia Beach, VA 23464-9880 (757) 352-4132. Regent Law ranks #20 in bar rate among new applicants (94.1%), surpassing the overall transit rate of the state of Virginia by 75.5% by +18.6%. (A national comparison of this measure should be made in a nuanced sense and with caution, as each state has a different transit rate of funds.) Includes legal internships at the federal, state, or local level or before international or foreign courts. The defining characteristic of a clerk is that which assists a judge in judicial decisions. Reflects graduates with a successful legal career start: long-term full-time jobs requiring a lawyer`s license, with the exception of solo practitioners Regent Law is tied for #130 in terms of lowest student-to-faculty ratio (7.9:1). The percentage of all students enrolled (not just 1Ls) in a given academic year who do not receive a tuition reduction, whether on request or not, or with or without conditions. #148 in the employment rate at GraduationRegent Law ranks #126 for graduates employed ten months after graduation (71.8%) and #148 for graduates employed at graduation (29.5%).

Regent Law ranks #100 in terms of library size with 417,074 volumes or equivalent. Law firms with 10 or fewer lawyers, including individual practitioners. Reflects graduates who do not use their skills and credentials. These graduates have not started a professional career, legally or otherwise. Regent Law is tied for #52 in terms of median starting salary among graduates working in government jobs or internships at the federal or state level ($59,246). Law firms with a total of at least 251 lawyers in one or more offices. Regent Law ranks #66 in terms of the highest median GPA (3.55) among applicants who have been admitted and enrolled as full-time students. Regent Law is tied for #102 in terms of median LSAT score (154) among applicants who were admitted and enrolled as full-time students. LSAT measures reading comprehension, analytical reasoning and logical thinking. Jobs in government (at all levels) or public benefit organizations, such as non-profit organizations and unions. Unless otherwise stated, we only count long-term and full-time jobs.