Our compensation is very competitive with in-house positions and most law firms. Our lawyers and other lawyers are paid on an annual salary basis, which is prorated to the time spent on engagements. We consider a variety of factors when determining salaries, including the EQP, the practice`s internal and/or personal expertise, and management experience. Employers have full control over their offers. You can post jobs online, search for qualified candidates based on specific job criteria, and create an online resume agent that contacts qualified candidates via email on a daily basis. You can also use online reports that provide statistics on professional activity. For job seekers, the NALP Job Center is a free service that provides access to employers and jobs in legal career services, legal recruitment, professional development, and related fields. In addition to posting resumes, job seekers can search and post available jobs based on specific criteria and save those jobs for later review if they wish. Job seekers can also create a search agent to provide email notifications about jobs that meet specific criteria.

Axiom is where the best lawyers go to gain more control over their careers so they can reach their full potential in their professional and personal lives. Only Axiom allows you to work smarter, adapt faster and go further in your legal career. Suzanne Harwood Palo Alto, CA+1 650 843 5804Director of Paralegal Management and Case Half of the Fortune 100 companies are our clients, which means our lawyers work on complex and interesting work, with the ability to move from one type of project or industry to another when a commitment ends. You can fully immerse yourself in a role if a company has a gap in coverage or needs additional outside help, or you can advise for the duration of a project if needed. Some of our lawyers lead a team of Axiom lawyers and lawyers who provide legal services to clients on a larger scale. Welcome to the NALP Employment Centre, a job board for members and non-members interested in positions in legal career services, legal recruitment, professional development and related fields. This job board allows employers to have control over their own offerings and allows candidates to conduct searches that match their specific interests. [If you would like to publish an internship, scholarship or public interest position, please visit www.psjd.org.] Many of our lawyers choose Axiom as part of their legal careers to help them find a higher position in the future. Many of our alumni are now GCs in places they might not have been able to reach otherwise, due to the in-house experience and skills you may not be able to gain in a business or small business. Others choose to work with Axiom to complement their solo practice or other career activities outside of providing legal services, or simply gain new experience in various industries while shaping their career path. The NALP Employment Centre provides employers with targeted access to professionals in legal career services, legal recruitment, career development and related fields, as well as quick and easy job postings and online activity reports.

Globally, the average engagement lasts about 11 months, although most lawyers stay in touch with their clients for many months and often years longer. Lawyers seeking stability will find it an essential part of Axiom`s business model. If at any time you are looking for a change, let us know and we will find something new for you that fits your desired legal career path. Cooley`s pro bono practice is successful thanks to the dedication of our employees and our teamwork. Law Student Interview Guide NALP Chambers Forms Associate Profile First-hand profile Equal opportunities for families Family care services EU applicants Privacy Policy (Associate Recruitment) We are committed to hiring and supporting a diverse group of employees and are proud to announce that our legal population is far more diverse than industry standards. We have been named one of the “Best Workplaces” for LGBTQ inclusion by the Human Rights Campaign, are proud to be Mansfield certified, and are committed to considering at least 50% different candidates for leadership positions and external consultants. Arjeree Martin Palo Alto, CA+1 650 843 5644Director of Law Student and Associate Recruitment Giving back is at the heart of our culture and volunteering is a fundamental commitment of our profession. Elizabeth Love Palo Alto, CA+1 650 843 5841Senior Legal Talent Manager – Palo Alto As an established professional, Axiom offers a way to explore the transition from law firm to general counsel through engagements that gain in-house experience. More than 6,900+ rely on Axiom`s stability and flexibility.

Andrea Perryman Denver, CO+1 720 566 4050Director of Lateral Partner Recruitment and Strategic Growth We strive to create an inclusive and rewarding environment that enables our employees to succeed professionally and personally. Our employee philosophy, typical collaborative spirit and company-wide commitment to inclusion and well-being are at the heart of our success and the driving force behind our global growth. Cooley is dedicated to the continued development of our position as one of the largest law firms in the world, and we believe part of this goal will be achieved if we deliver on the promise to make our firm a great place to work.