Bug 2: There have been many reports that it is easy to lose the note as it is not intended to be a quest object (and therefore not immune to changes), so complete this quest as soon as possible to avoid this situation. Also in the cave of Mordus, if you go down to the place where the ritual with the dwarf is, a large ship will fall on you, a shark and crabs will be in the ship, only the shark will attack you, but you can kill the crabs for a good exp, they will be harmless to you I looked for them all, killed all enemies, but IDK where to go. After completing the “Destroyed Caravan” quest, you had to decide to explain the situation to Lohar or Magister Julian. Then go to the cave where Morde is located, you will be led to his hiding place during the quest “Shadows on driftwood”. In this cave, moving to the area where Zanisima is the scientist, you will find on the ground the letter with a large ink stain (image 1). divinityoriginalsin2.wiki.fextralife.com/The+Law+of+the+Order PC Definitive Edition I did some tests, the best action sequence for “The Law of Order” and “Shadow on the Driftwood” I found is this: (1) Start both quests (“The Law of Order” and “Shadow on Driftwood”) – Go to Mordus Lair, get “Letter to Mordus” from the basement/underground cave. Keep this letter with you for now, don`t talk to Lohar or Julian just yet. (2) After fully exploring Driftwood, completing all the quests I could do on the spot, like Missing Magisters, Hide & Seek, clearing the way from Driftwood to Wreckers Cave, all of this brought me to level 11 (or close?) (3) I went to Wreckers Cave, I killed everything on the right side of the cave where you will be separated (after that, you should surely be LVL 11). (4) Go to the left part of the cave where you will meet Bite immediately, deal with him (make sure to kill all additions first, or you will run out of XP if you kill Bitten first) (5) Buy the “Letter from the Dwarf Queen” in the front room (Do not miss the closed hatch in this room, it leads to a cave, which will trigger a fight with a shark + 4 crabs, each also delivering a good XP, Kill the crabs first. Walking on the traps in the water to start this fight, I don`t know how I navigated the Ecounter myself, just walking in the water after looting the body.) (6) Now we should have both “Letter to Bite” and “Letter from the Dwarf Queen” in our inventory. (7) Before talking to Lohar, place “Letter to Bite” on the ground. When you`ve completed Lohar, you should also see bonus XP (5000 XP to kill and 6000 XP for quest bonus, I think) (13) Plunder everything, take Julian`s head and get an epic item reward + 12000 XP Total XP = 33,800 (14) Overall, you get both selectable epic item rewards from both quests, the unique hammer, Mordus` amulet, looted from Lohar`s corpse, and Julian`s XP 12k. If you deliver Letter to Morde to Lohar, you will only receive 2000 XP, and if you bring his head to Julien afterwards, you will not receive XP.

So you lose 10k XP. This quest is activated when you talk to the White Magister Reimond [1]. He tells you that someone is plotting against Magister and orders you to find that person. Then you can go to Magister Julian[1] and learn more details. He tells you to contact Lohar. I searched the whole cave of the shipwrecker, I went to the hatch, I searched the plain with the shark and the broken ship, but I do not find the letter incriminating. Reimond told us to contact Magister Julian for orders if we wanted to help his cause. After defeating Mordus, head north until you exit the cave. Near the exit, on the east side, you will pass an open room with a letter from the Dwarf Queen. Save and play it so that the quest is updated. All the evidence against Lohar can be found in The Wreckers Cave [3].

Two of them are located further inside the cave, in an enclosed space accessible by a ladder (if you do this quest and shade Driftwood at the same time, one of your teammates will be brought into this room). If you hand over Mordus` message to Lohar in the Shadows over Driftwood quest, you`ll learn that Lohar`s men stole the cargo of some magisters. In the depths of Wrecker`s Cave, you`ll find letters and a ship manifest mentioning that a death fog delivery device has been stolen. After defeating Mordus, head north until you exit the cave. Near the exit, on the east side, you will pass an open room with a letter from the Dwarf Queen. Save and play it so that the quest is updated. If you do it in the right order, you can get all the rewards. 1. Give the letter to Julian, get a reward, get a quest to investigate, finish, go back to Julian 2A. Leave your best thief/pickpocket/basketball behind Julian (my main tank for me, Fane), and make sure he breaks away from the group. 2B. Give Julian the weapons of the Void, DO NOT end the conversation (with another character out of the race) 2C.

Teleport the devil with your thief after robbing him blindly and take all the loot (including the Queen`s letter) with you. 2D. Julian will notice that he has been robbed, allow the search (again, make sure your thief is separated!), and he will grumble something about the city, but give you the rewards. 3. Go back to Lohar, give him the letter and you will get +20 approval and a pop-up with ********ty equipment. Most importantly, you have fulfilled all the trust of all parties and have kindly concluded “the law of order” with all parties and achieved all objectives. (Quad counter double agent style ;)) Worked for me in tactician mode (regular) at lvl13. Even if you have a beast in your party and you are confident enough to face it in 4 vs.

3, you can place Beast outside the cave and you will have no dialogue for it to leave, you can simply kill Lohar and bring him back to your party In terms of second choice, go to Magister Julian near the port (photo 5).