2. Car windows with darker windows have contributed to an increase in road accidents. To melt the glue on a tinted film, use a heat gun. This will make it much easier to remove the tinted film from your car window. You can use a hair dryer instead of a heat gun if you don`t have one. Even though the harsh sunshine, especially in Indian summer, may seem like clover or tinted car windows, it`s important to follow the regulations. Although it may seem like a welcome break from the heat, such car modifications are banned in India and result in a fine and fine from the traffic police. If you have sunscreen attached to your car windows and want to remove it now, follow the instructions below. These procedures do not result in scratches on the glass. You may be looking for more methods to remove tinted paper from your car window, Philkotse.com (source: philkotse.com/car-maintenance/how-to-safely-remove-your-cars-window-tint-6653) Not everyone in India took the law very kindly and continued to protest vehemently against the ban. The reason for the protest was the harsh summer in India, when the car`s occupants were badly hit by the hot rays of the sun coming through the car`s windows.

This makes it all the more inconvenient for cars that are not equipped with air conditioning. For this reason, cars of the new generation are equipped with such glasses, which comply with the law and protect people from the scorching sun. This is due to the wonder of technology. Many people suffer from skin problems caused and aggravated by the sun`s rays. This change is particularly welcome for them. After removing the tinted film, you can use soapy water to remove the glue that remains on your window. At the end of the process, you will have a clear and clean glass with which you can drive the car without any problems. Many car owners try to scratch the film with a sharp tool. You can do the same to remove the sun sheet, but there is a risk of scratching the glass. In 2012, the Supreme Court adopted the rule prohibiting the use of tinted windows as well as other alternatives such as blueberry. The ban on tinted windows was approved for fear of crime, as several criminal cases have taken place in cars with heavily tinted windows. In addition, another reason to ban clovers is to ensure good visibility for the driver and reduce the risk of car accidents due to reduced visibility.

Hyderabad: In recent months, Hyderabad traffic police have cracked down on black solar films on car windows. Traffic crews were seen abandoning vehicles with black spindles and removing them while imposing heavy fines. In India and other countries, tinted glass is used on cars to prevent sunlight from entering interiors. The summer heat is quite disturbing, even if the air conditioning is running at full speed. Summer is the season when you feel the need for tinted glasses. In India, there is a law that regulates the use of tinted glasses. You don`t get a new car with tinted glass. You can stick sunscreen on the car`s glasses to prevent the sun from affecting you. Tinted glass prevents the interior of a car from being heated and also protects the appliances and upholstery of the car. This glass is also used to preserve the privacy of passengers. A tinted window prevents sunlight from entering the interior of the vehicle. Unfortunately, most car manufacturers don`t offer a tinted disc right off the bat.

As a result, car owners have sun leaves installed. These films help lower the internal temperature. In addition, they protect the interior of the vehicle from wear and tear caused by solar radiation. Another advantage of tinting the windows is the preservation of the privacy of the occupants of the car. Side windows and glasses on windshields are subject to this law. It is forbidden to use any type of substance or film on the side windows or windshield. You need to know the VLT of safety glass without additional film. The material must meet the production criteria when glued. 2. The presence of darker glass in car windows has contributed to an increase in road accidents. What is the fine for tinted glass in India? According to the RTO rule, the initial violation will result in a penalty of Rs 100. While these are moderate and perhaps even affordable fees, penalties subsequently increase with other infractions.

For the second offence under this rule, the fee is Rs 300. Please note that with the third violation, in addition to an additional fine of 300 rupees, your driver`s license would also be suspended. Therefore, it is important to be familiar with the required specifications and not to violate this important rule. After removing the tinted film, you can use soapy water to get rid of the remaining glue. Finally, you will have clear and clean glass. Scraping the film with a sharp tool can scratch the glass. So, following these procedures will not cause scratches on the glass. Some car owners worry about whether tinted glasses can cause problems when buying insurance for the car.

While tinted windows make no difference to your auto insurance premium, they can cause problems with insurance claims. Some authorities and regulators suggest that owners should be excluded from insurance for vehicles with tinted windows exceeding the allowable limit. According to the law, the use of black solar films is prohibited. However, tinted glass can be used as long as the windshield and rear window have a visibility of at least 70% and the side windows have a visibility of at least 50%. Mr. Mehta recently moved from Pune to Delhi. The bright rays of the sun made him and his family uncomfortable in their air-conditioned car while they were in town. He opted for the tint of the windows to fight the heat. Since it wasn`t a factory, he visited a local workshop and asked the professional to put a film of sunlight on the car`s windows. Some of the manufacturers offer factory-installed tinted glass in India, including Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai. However, these car manufacturers offer tinted windows for selected variants, usually for higher variants.

You need to use a heat gun to melt the glue of the tinted film. Then you can remove the tinted sheet from your window. If you don`t have a heat gun, use a hair dryer instead. In order to legally drive a car on Indian roads, several RTO laws and regulations must be followed. Violations can result in various fines and penalties. The use of tinted car windows is one of these rules. The use of tinted windows in cars is now prohibited and can result in a penalty or punishment from 19 May 2012. Therefore, it is important to follow the regulations approved by the RTO for automotive glass films and ensure that the visibility of your vehicle`s windows exceeds the legally required limit. Each of these factors is not only crucial in assessing road safety in India, but it is also important to avoid penalties or fines that may be imposed if you violate this law.