Now that your living will is complete, it is important to distribute copies to the necessary parties. Step 1 – Download the generic living will in Adobe PDF (.pdf) or Microsoft Word (.docx). A living will is a legal document that helps you make your health care and end-of-life decisions. A living will is a statement that instructs medical staff on how to treat a terminally ill (“registrant”) person. The document contains the question of whether the applicant accepts or rejects the life support procedures. We have analyzed all the information and questions about creating a living will. Here is a list of answers to the most frequently asked questions about this type of document. Simply click on your state below to download a free printable living will form (in MS Word.docx format) that is legally binding where you live: A living will, or “health policy,” allows a person (“principal”) to enter their end-of-life treatment preferences. The primary purpose of a living will is used to advise medical staff whether to maintain or terminate life-sustaining procedures. This is only possible if it is assumed that the contracting authority has a final condition.

In addition, a living will is not the same as a will that explains how your property and other items will be distributed when you die. A living will explains your wishes for medical care during your lifetime. Since requirements vary across the United States, you`ll need to use a country-specific form to start creating your patient`s will. The applicant must sign the policy in accordance with state laws. This is most often two (2) witnesses or a notary (or both). A living will is about medical decisions that need to be made during your lifetime, while a will (will) is usually about the division of your property and the guardianship of your minor children after your death. (2) Name of applicant. Several topics of discussion in this directive can have a significant impact on healthcare. Given that these documents are referenced when a patient is unable to communicate while suffering from a serious illness that cannot be cured or from which they will not recover, it is important that reviewers be satisfied that the notifier is adopting this policy. To identify yourself as an applicant, you must include your full name on the first item and provide supporting information upon request. In some states, a document known as an advance directive is functionally the same as a living will.

In countries where it is a question of separate forms, an advance directive covers a wider variety of things. For example, an advance directive could include both a living will and an organ donation policy. (10) Requirements for food and liquids supplied for medical purposes. Now that you have defined what you consider to be unacceptable losses in your ability to survive or maintain a comfortable and tolerable lifestyle, there needs to be a discussion about how doctors should treat you if you suffer from the weaknesses mentioned in the previous section. The first topic concerns the medical supply of nutrients and water/liquids. If you have an unbearable quality of life and want to get nutrients and water/fluids even though medical technology is needed to provide them to your system, initiate the first statement. The purpose of a living will is to make your intentions known so that your family and doctors can legally act according to your wishes. Once you`re done, discuss your wishes, as they are in your living will, with your family members and make sure they have a signed copy. A living will or advance directive is not part of your will and must be completed separately. Make a living will to inform your family and medical staff of your end-of-life preferences.

A living will is a document that tells doctors what end-of-life care and life-sustaining treatment you want to receive (or not) if you can`t communicate your choices. It provides clear instructions on how to take care of yourself in an emergency. Without a living will, your family members or health care providers may not know your medical preferences for life support and end-of-life care. Download a country-specific living will template or print our standard living will in Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word (.docx) format.