Current issue 1 April 2022: New rules for athletics The UK Athletics Rule Book contains all the rules of national athletics competitions in the United Kingdom. Including 2022 edition – valid until spring 2024. New rules for athletics This is an absolute must for the Foundation`s sports training and will be invaluable for future teachers, coaches and volunteers. All. The technical regulations and the world athletics competitions contain all the rules of international competitions. The price includes shipping costs. If you need a bulk order, please contact us for a quote. Includes school events and distances – essential for combined events at school level. Contains point tables for standard senior events and the. The manual on how to organize events on the track.

Includes arbitrator, arbitrator, role and duties of the road adjudicator, role and duties of the clerk of c. A set of weatherproof laminated cards to help agents start and climb steps 2 and beyond. Ideal too.