First, you need to open a browser of your choice, then type and type “” in the address bar. Second, you will be redirected to the CIEE website. In addition to learning for the job market, CIEE Vagas also offers various professional development initiatives such as courses, conferences, counseling, etc. Recognized and qualified institution: The student who has the opportunity to participate in a CIEE program can enjoy the benefits of an institution recognized by companies as a facilitating and highly reliable institution. Club-exclusive benefits for interns Now you can access thousands of internships and apprenticeships even faster and more conveniently In practice, CIEE connects students interested in entering the job market with companies that offer internship programs or participate in the Young Apprentice program. In addition, it should be recalled that, according to Law 11.788/08, partner companies enjoy advantages such as tax and tax advantages. The program represents a big step towards becoming a professional future. CIEE partners with companies from all sectors, universities, HR institutions and other partners. For more than 54 years, the institution has been dedicated to the future of thousands of intermediate, technical and senior youth across the country. In addition to jobs or internships, the Corporate Integration Center also offers courses and training, training workshops, social actions and more. CIEE Legal Apprenticeship Programme: Companies must adhere to the Apprenticeship Act (No. 10,097/2000), which stipulates that a quota of between 5 and 15 per cent of vacancies in enterprises considered medium and large is intended for incomplete 14-24 year olds who are pupils in primary, secondary, intermediate, technical or completed school.

Includes CIEE: Socio-professional integration project aimed at directing candidates with disabilities to vacant positions in CIEE partner companies as part of internship and apprenticeship programs. To participate, simply register. The agricultural industry is the driving force of Brazil. See how you can be a young learner in this field CIEE Internship Program: In this program, companies hire young high school, college, or technical students to add knowledge to organizations. Contact to professional practice: In addition to training, the CIEE also offers the opportunity to gain experience in professional practice. The young person is introduced to the labour market as an intern and can be carried out in the partner company over time. The business registration process is the same for students with only one difference. In the menu, the company interested in becoming a partner must click on Company Registration.

Thus, the CIEE participates as an intermediary in the selection and search process of these young people who want to be put on the market. Step 3: When the menu opens, click Make My Registration Company; Below we will work with the CIEE website of the State of São Paulo. Step 5: Finally, enter your user and password. Are you familiar with the CIEE application? Consult the news it brings you in the institution where it is even possible to have access to the CIEE library, which provides various documents, including books, magazines, newspapers, dictionaries and publications published by the CIEE. All materials are intended for those who want to seek accurate and relevant information to meet educational, cultural, social and economic needs. As you can see, the CIEE internship is the perfect place for anyone who wants to start their professional career. The program is a great way for those who have no experience in the job market, but want to earn the long-awaited job offer. Step 3: After placing your mouse over the word student, you will see the Services tab.

Click Sign In. In the browser`s address bar, type In Google, type the word CIEE, and then click Google Search. To access the CIEE page, click on the first link in the search result. Do you want to know all the details about CIEE, how it works, how to register, search for vacancies, among others? Follow our article in the next few lines and learn more about the benefits of the CIEE. Once you`ve registered on the site, simply do a job search for the area you live in. Once done, the website will display all the job postings available for the state of your choice. At CIEE, all students enrolled, whether in training programs, workshops or internships, receive basic professional support from the institution. By enrolling in the CIEE, the student has access to many benefits that will be fundamental in his professional life, some of which are: Otis` Rota Escola 2023 internship program is already open to students of technical courses in various fields. Step 2: In the menu, hover over the word student.

Because it does not remember the password in this case, when it tries to log in, the following message “Your current registry could not be restored” appears.