Why should you be on LinkedIn? Here’s why: Because you don’t want to miss out on great job opportunities. Because it is the gold mine for recruiters who are looking for their next big hire. Because looking for jobs that are listed on your local paper is a thing of yesterday. When someone asks you how you landed a job, saying you circled it on a newspaper will raise some concerns from your Internet-savvy peers. And because the social media network for professionals now boasts 200 million registered users who are scattered in more than 200 countries all over the world. Now that is some network, and you do want to be in it.

LinkedIn infog

Jim Dougherty, writing for SocialMediaToday.com, recently shared an infographic about LinkedIn via Masters-in-Human-Resources.org, explaining the power of the social network and how it is revolutionizing recruitment on the global stage.

In a gist, these are some of the most notable points of that infographic. Take note:

97% of all HR and staffing professionals use LinkedIn in their recruitment efforts

89% of recruiters have filled a vacancy through LinkedIn at some point in time

In terms of social network recruiting, LinkedIn is way ahead of Facebook and Twitter in that field. 93% go to LinkedIn, 66% use Facebook, and 54% use Twitter

77% of jobs on the global jobs board are posted on LinkedIn

If you do have a LinkedIn but have not completed your profile, you are part of the 49.5% of users who don’t take full advantage of the site’s power. Remember that even if you are not looking for a job, recruiters are constantly on the lookout for good candidates, and will pursue them, even if they are not looking for work.

If we’re going to talk about marketing in general, be it promoting yourself or your business, LinkedIn had provided us with great insights on that.

First, LinkedIn distinguishes itself as having one of the most educated and affluent audiences on the web. Not to be snooty here, but that’s the truth.

4 out 5 LinkedIn users are decision makers in their business. 93% of LinkedIn users in the US are more likely to be college graduates.

2 out of 3 users go to LinkedIn for business purposes, such as keeping up with industry news, and 70% want to foster their professional identities.

Best of all, a good number of users (64%) say that LinkedIn helps them develop and grow new business, and 71% of the respondents in a survey said that they are most confident with the professional information on LinkedIn.

If those aren’t reasons enough to make you want to create a LinkedIn profile now, then you will just probably stand on the sidelines and watch as the rest of the professionals and businesses all over the world use the site to get ahead in the game.

See the rest of the infographics here, and let us know what you think of it!