Proving yet again that Messenger has become an exceptional way for businesses to communicate with customers; at F8, Servicefriend showcased a successful case study for a Hybrid Bot Architecture for customer service and used by Globe Telecom.

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An approach offering businesses the scalability of a bot with the comprehension and emotional intelligence of a human.

The technology has solved the many challenges brands face when implementing messaging as a massive customer service channel. Massive volume and inability of a standalone bot to provide quality service are both addressed by the Hybrid Bot Architecture.

Through Servicefriend’s offerings, brands need to invest less than 20 agent hours for every 1,000 customer interactions, while providing an improved customer experience and increased Net Promoter Score. Not only did Globe Telecom see an increase in customer satisfaction and 50% reduction in calls to the hotline, they also expect a 10% cost savings within the first year.

Messenger is growing at an incredibly fast pace, recently surpassing 1.2 billion monthly active users. Servicefriend’s approach to messaging enables enterprises to provide a consistent messaging experience at massive scale.

“The combination of Messenger and Servicefriend’s Hybrid Bot Architecture creates an excellent opportunity for digital transformation. Our technology allows companies to achieve significant productivity gains and a vastly improved customer experience in Messenger,” Shahar Ben-Ami, CEO, Servicefriend.

With such a massive user-base it is highly likely that many companies will push quickly to adopt Messenger as a platform for customer service. Servicefriend’s technology dramatically reduces time to value. Onboarding is available immediately for companies who want to pursue Hybrid Bot for customer service.

“The Hybrid Bot is proven as an excellent tool for businesses to ensure an optimal customer experience as they scale with Messenger. We are happy to see that Globe Telecom witnessed rapid user adoption through their implementation of Gie, their Hybrid Bot,” David Marcus, Vice President of Messenger.

A press release by Servicefriend