Microsoft opened the application for its latest iteration of the Council for Digital Good, an 18-month engagement program promoting understanding and safety in the online hemisphere.

The Council for Digital Good is a space for U.S. teens and Microsoft to discuss online safety topics of interest while giving council members the platform to voice their concerns and opinions regarding 21st-century issues.

“The program is designed so that both the youth and the company hear, understand and learn from each other as we all seek to create a safer, kinder, and more empathetic digital world,” Microsoft said.

Piloted in 2017, the council started as a two-day summit at Microsoft’s Redmond, Washington headquarters before culminating one year later at a public event in Washington D.C.

This year’s summer summit will span four days, with half-day sessions comprising council discussions, dialogues with guest speakers, and engagement with Microsoft representatives, among others.

After the summit, members will have the opportunity to share their afterthoughts and experiences through online means.For those interested, you may complete and submit Microsoft’s online application until 1 March 2021.

The 2021 Council for Digital Good is open to teens ages 13 to 16 currently living in the United States. More details here.

Image credits: Microsoft, @julia-m-cameron (Pexels)