Facebook finally rolls out ‘Reply’ feature to Comments

After months of testing which began late last year, Facebook is now ready to launch a new feature that will allow its users to reply directly to comments left on their page. In a blog post written by Facebook Journalism Program Manager Vadim Lavrusik, the company said their new comments feature is designed to “improve […]

Connecting to the Millenials on Social Networks

The latest trend report from WSL/Strategic Retail revealed that the Millenial Generation or Gen Y showed the highest increase in time spent online. In addition, they use their social networks extensively to find information about the products they want to buy. In the world of social networking sites, Facebook still reigns supreme. Twitter comes in […]

Facebook Earns $3M a Day From Mobile Advertising

Social networking giant Facebook is generating $3 million a day from mobile revenues, according to its third-quarter earnings report recently released to media. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg expressed optimism that the company may have turned a corner when it comes to its mobile campaign. The transition to mobile as the preferred device for users to […]

Social Media and Online Advertising

Learn the fundamentals of Advertising and Social Media Marketing for the less than the price of a coffee. Online Advertising & Social Media is tailored towards small business owners looking at incorporating social media and online advertising within their marketing mix. Aimed as an introduction, business owners with little or no understanding of social media […]

Networking skills are not future-proof

Amplify the conversations you have with your customers through Twitter. As business owners, we all know the importance of engaging with our customers – both current and potential. Networking, Networking, Networking! It’s the one fundamental lesson every business owner is taught from the day you open shop. And it’s a skill that needs to be […]