Information, Insight and Analytics

Through in-house publications, market research and the latest technology, andon provides information, insight and analytics to our customers.

We capture and analyze news, information and data from around the globe, across all industry sectors, and we deliver the right information that matters to your business. With a culture focused on harnessing quality information and content, andon provides clients with a direct source for information relating to any target-specific market or industry.

Publishing – andon publishes a niche portfolio of industry-specific publications, geared towards providing relevant and informative news and content to particular segments and demographics.

Media Monitoring – we monitor the news, across all media platforms. We collect, analyze, curate and deliver the information that matters to your market.

Content – we take on a creative+science approach to content-creation, content-delivery, and content-marketing. Whether native, social, online or offline, our content strategy begins with creative ideas inspired from the data and science we’ve gathered.